Wishlist’s on e-commerce websites are features that allow the creation of collections with desired products saved by clients.

Of course. All the license keys we provide are legit and you can use all the official features of the products we sell. Once you buy a product key, you will get lifetime access.

You’ll get a digital software license and download link through email within  3 – 5 minutes.

License keys/serial numbers and download link with instructions are emailed out within 30 minutes of purchase time. Please check your junk/Spam folder if you are unable to find your license details.

Download links are contained within the email containing the license from [email protected]

Typically we include installation instructions with any online/downloadable software license. If you are experiencing some trouble with a software product you purchased from us, you can email us at: [email protected]

Typically when this happens there is a typo in the email submitted at check out. You can write [email protected] for assistance.

Good question. You will see a success message when you buy a product key and input it into the product key box. Otherwise, it shows that the product key is invalid or an error issue.

Don’t worry. Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of inputting the wrong key, we recommend you copy and paste the key from the email to avoid mistakes.


We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Diners, Carte bleue, Eftpos, Maestro, Interlink, Pulse, Nyce, and Star. If you choose to pay by credit card, your transaction will be completed fully secured since we will never have access to your bank information.

Yes. We have SSL secure payments, widely recognized as “Secure Sockets Layer,” guarantee that all of your payment information is processed in an entirely safe environment. It enables us to manage the sending and receiving of your data in the most secure manner possible by utilizing SSL certificates, which are encrypted/decrypted during the various stages of processing, ensuring the highest level of security for online payments.

No, We don’t get any card details, We just got last 4 digit of your cards to verify your payment.


The manufacturers certified and provided the license keys during the purchasing period. Usually, the license key contains characters with numbers and letters.

OEM stands for Orginal Equipment Manufacture. This key is for one-time use. You can’t use the key on different devices.

The retail key is for one active device only. You can upgrade your product by changing the license. Also, You can use those key if you change your device. You can easily transfer your old Microsoft data into your new device. You will get all the technical support from us.

We are selling Retail key. Those retail key is only available for certified reseller authorized by Microsoft. There are two types of keys. One is OEM and the other one is Retail.

Sometimes, your device doesn’t perform the activation process due to hardware or software issues. In this case, we provide you with technical support and complete the licensed activation process. 

It’s a normal process to activate the software with a license key. You must input the product key to activate the software during installation. This process is called online activation.

Use the Microsoft product and get all the features you need for a Microsoft account. So, creating a new account is essential wherever you purchase a Microsoft product from our store.

A big company like us, buy those keys in bulk and that’s why we got many discounts and also those are retail key and only available for certified reseller authorized by Microsoft. That’s why we sell them at cheap prices.