How to Create a Bootable USB using Rufus for Windows

How to Create a Bootable USB using Rufus

In this article, we are going to learn about how to create a Bootable USB using Rufus for windows installation. Usually, everyone use third-party software to burn iso to usb drive. Mostly used software is rufus and power iso. We have an excellent article about power iso for ubuntu, mac, and windows. So in this article, well are going to talk about rufus bootable usb, how to download rufus, and how to iso mount to usb. After you read this article, you will find those most wanted answers and be able to create bootable usb windows 10 with rufus.

What is a Bootable USB Drive?

Bootable USB is a standard USB storage device used to install an operating system on the supported Device (like a desktop or laptop). Generally, it contains an ISO image file of an operating system. Generally set OS, we use a USB drive, hard drive, CD, and DVD drive. Bootable USB is the most popular and fast method among all of them. When a computer is switched on, it works by Booting from the OS that saves on the internal hard drive. Bootable USB is a great solution when you recover, install, and fix the operating system on your Device. In the next step we are going to know how to create a bootable USB using rufus.

How to Create a Bootable USB using Rufus?

You can create a boot pd(pen drive) in different ways with much more popular software. But in this article, we will describe one of the most popular software, Rufus.

Process of how to create a Bootable USB using Rufus:

Rufus is one of the most popular software, allowing the creation of an “ISO image” on a USB drive. When you want to create a bootable device using Rufus, you need the following function:

  • Download the ISO file that you want to install. Like Windows 10 or Windows 11

  • Download rufus-3.13.exe or any upgraded version of Rufus (Rufus download for mac is not work). Click the download button below to start immediately downloading the rufus exe file.

  • A USB drive must have 4GB of storage, and more is better

Make sure you have completed all the requirements described above. Now follow the steps below:

rufus create iso
  • First, open Rufus programs and input your USB drive on your computer.

  • Then Rufus will automatically identify your USB Drive. If this function doesn’t work, manually select the USB you want to use from the drop-down box by clicking on your Device.

  • You must confirm the Boot Selection option is set to Disk or ISO image and then hit the select button. Locate the ISO file you want to burn on the USB when Rufus opens a file browsing window.

NOTE: In the latest edition of Rufus, we see a download option for the ISO image for Windows. If you don’t have a copy, click on the drop-down arrow, press the Select button, and finally, choose Download instead. After this, you see a dialogue box where you can choose the targeted version of windows that you want to download.

rufus download for mac
  • Keep the default options in place if you wish to construct a Standard Windows installation because Rufus will automatically determine the suitable Partition Scheme based on your Device. You can change it from your choice.

boot pd
  • Next, set the Volume label with the name you want; otherwise, leave it and consider the default settings for File system and Cluster size. Then click the start button.

NOTE: Make sure your USB storage is large enough. You will get an error message. Then you need to start the process with a new and more storage-capable USB.

  • You’ll get a warning when any data on the USB is destroyed, which is a normal process. After that, click the OK button then Rufus will start creating the ISO image on the USB.

how to make boot
  • When Rufus has finished creating the ISO image on the USB, you can see the green box with ready text, and in that time, click the close button because your bootable USB is ready to install the windows.

How Do You Understand That Your USB Drive is Completely Booted?

It is very important to understand that the drive is completely booted. You will get to know it instantly by following some instructions.

boot pendrive
  • First, go to “This PC” and right-click on your USB drive. Then you will see the open option like the below image. Click on open and open the USB Folder.

how to make boot
  • After opening, you will see some folders and files similar to the image (it may be less or more, but some common folders and files like boot, setup, support, etc. will be there) inside your USB drive.

If everything is okay, you are confirmed that your USB drive is completely booted. If your drive didn’t work while installing windows or your windows isn’t installing on your device, then you can follow the instructions again and re-install boot again. If your installation program has any specific problem that is not related to boot USB, then you can search for the solutions online.

So that was the whole process. After you have read this article, i am sure you understand how to make bootable USB using rufus, and you can boot your USB drive and use it to install windows. For this kind of helpful article, follow our blog. We have some relevant posts; if you want, you can read them.


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