How to Fix “VirtWifi has no internet access” 6 Easy Way

VirtWifi has no internet access

We usually use VirtWifi when you need multiple connections on several IEEE 802.11 networks on a single wifi card. We can use VirtWifi from anywhere, but sometimes it occurs problems and disable internet access. In the content, we discussed solutions to fix whether VirtWifi has no internet access.

Due to the current technological revolution, it’s easy to convert any device’s functionality to another device. For example, you use windows, and now you can use the windows application on your android mobile phone. In the same way your android application you can use on your windows. Android X86 is one of the best examples. We use the Android X86 application to run Android applications on a PC.

But Android X86 is still developing, which means the best version so that you can face some problems operating the VirtWifi function. So we researched and found some solutions to fix the VirtWifi problems.

What is VirtWifi?

A group of virtual adapters for several networks that works according to instructions is called VirtWifi. The VirtWife allows users to connect to many IEEE 802.12 networks with only one wifi card. This connection will provide some customer requirements only.

The VirtWifi can switch wireless cards and assign wireless networks using these network strategies. The circumstance is the application provides the impression to the customer that the device is connecting many wifi networks at the same time.

How to fix Virtwifi has no internet access?

I am sure you read this content to solve the problem of the connectivity issue of VirtWifi. However, remember that if you still need to get the solution on the first step, just in the next step. So don’t waste time; follow the steps:

Depend on “Windows Troubleshooter” to fix internet access

  • First, select the Start menu, then go to Troubleshoot option from the Setting menu.
  • Select Other Troubleshoot and under the option, select Network Adapter, then click Run.
  • Wait, sometimes, if windows Troubleshoppter diagnoses any problem, it will automatically repair it.

If you are still trying to get the solution, follow the next process.

You should enable the Windows HyperVision Platform.

VirtWiFi is not connected to the internet if your Windows hypervision platform is not selected. Therefore, we will first walk you through enabling the Windows hypervision platform before we handle the Virt wifi no internet connectivity issue.

  • Turn on your Windows computer.  
  • Click on the “Search” box and type “Turn windows features on or off.”
  • As you descend, look for “Windows HyperVision Platform.”
  • To save the changes, click “OK.”
  • Switch off your computer.
virtwifi has no internet access

Finishing the previous steps before installing HyperVision on Windows would be best.

How you can install Hyper vision on Windows

How to install Hyper vision on Windows

To solve the “VirtWifi has no internet connectivity” issue, you must install “Hyervervirsion” to complete the process. So let’s dive into installing HyperVision On Windows.

  • Go to the search bar and type “Turn Windows Features on or off.”
  • Then click on “Hyper-V” to enlarge it.
  • Verify both the Hyper-V platform and management tool.
  • At last, Press the “OK.” button.

Now restart your computer to see the “Virtwifi has no internet connection” problem solved.

Update the network adapter driver on your computer.

If your network adapter is outdated, connectivity may degrade. Therefore, it is suggested to upgrade it to see if the VirtWiFi issue has been fixed.

Yet, since you cannot join a wifi network, you must use the ethernet cable that was included with your router to update your network adapter and connect your PC to the internet. As a result, by following the guidelines listed below, you can update your Windows network adapter.

  • Press the “Win+R” button to lunch the run command
  • Then input the text “devmgmt.ms“. 
  • Click the “Enter” key to start the process.
  • To expand the “Network Adapter,” press the “+” button.
  • By right-clicking the wifi card, you may update.
  • Search online for the most recent wifi card adapter driver after selecting “Search automatically.”
  • Your Windows will connect to the internet to search for and download the most recent network adapter driver, if any are available.  

You will see the message “the best drivers for your device are already installed” if the network adapter is fully updated.

Flush Your Windows DND

This problem sometimes happens for the windows cache and extra IP address. Sometimes you need to delete it. So we researched how you can Flush and resolve VirtWifi has no internet connection. 

  • Press “Win+R” to run the command.
  • To get access to enter “cmd” for the command prompt.
  • Then type “ipconfig/flushdns” and click the Enter key.
  • Now check you can get access using Windows VirtWifi.

Windows DNS should be modified.

If your Network has a problem and isn’t working in WSA, you won’t be able to access the Network. A DNS problem typically brings this on. To fix the problem, you must change the local computer’s DNS to a different DNS using the Windows command prompt.

  • Go to the Windows settings.
  • Click the “Change Adapter setting” from the dropdown menu.
  • Then toggle “connection” to the right.
  • Choose the “Properties” Menu and then select “IP4.”
  • Pick “properties” and type the address of your DNS server.
  • At last, click OK to complete the process.
virtwifi no internet

You can use any DNS server address listed below to test if the virtual wifi network connection issue is resolved.

Google Public DNS: and

Cloudflare: and

OpenDNS: and

Restart your device’s windows network

To solve the problem, your windows network should need to restart. If the above solution doesn’t work, then follow the steps:

  • Go to your device and click on the Windows + I button and click on the Network & Internet
  • Then scroll down and find the “Network reset” option
  • Click on the Network reset option and you will see Reset now on the next screen
  • Click on the Reset now button to take action.
  • After clicking on this option, your pc will automatically turn off and restart.
fix virtwifi

If you see your ViritWifi doesn’t have any connection, it determines your Ethernet has no internet connection and is most inconvenient. Your problem VirtWifi doesn’t have internet connectivity will solve if you follow the steps.

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