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How to Get Free or Cheap Windows Key Legally for Windows 11 or 10

Cheap Windows Key

Windows is a popular computer operating system designed and developed by Microsoft company. Behind its popularity, several factors work including – a user-friendly interface, the latest software supporting capability, industry-standard features etc. A survey by ScalerTopics and Statcounter found that the Windows operating system holds 29% of the world’s market share. From the begging of the operating system, Windows 10 has been the most popular version of Microsoft company.

But the bitter truth is Windows 10 is the most pirated OS in the world now. The reason behind pirating versions is its expensive price and isn’t friendly for every organization. But the good news is that many authorized organizations and companies sell legal windows keys cheaply. In this article, we are going to share with you how to legally get cheap windows keys for windows 10 or 11.

How to Download Windows 10 or 11 Free

So if you already have legit windows 11 key then it’s time to Download and activate the windows system on your device. The good news is there is no cost to download Windows versions. You can download windows 10 or 11 from the official Microsoft website. You can download the windows media creation tool from their website if you have a Microsoft account.

To download windows 10 follow the steps:

  • Visit the official link to download windows 10 and click here to download Windows 11.
  • Scroll down and Click on the Download now button under the Create Windows 10 Installation Media or Create Windows 11 Installation Media.
  • After completing the download process open the Media Creation Tool, which automatically determines the best version of windows 10/11 for your device.
  • Windows offer you a direct Download of the ISO file and burn automatically to write bootable windows 10 or 11 file on your device or download the ISO file using a USB drive.
  • If you use a USB flash drive, you can boot the drive by using a third-party tool called Rufus that will be ready to install windows 10 or 11

You can also directly download the Windows 10 & 11 ISO file from below:

Note: If you don’t know how to make a bootable USB drive using the ISO file, read this article: How to Create a Bootable USB using Rufus for Windows

How to Activate Windows 10 or 11 Free

Windows allow you the free Update of Windows 10 or 11 whenever you use Windows 7/8/8.1 with a legal activation key. If you have an Edu Microsoft account, you can also activate Windows 10 or 11, accessible on your device. You can jump into those latest versions if your device system requirement meets the system requirement of those upgraded versions. Let’s check the essential system requirement for Windows 10 & 11:

System Requirement Windows 10 Upgrade System Requirement Windows 11 Upgrade
Processor: 1 GHz or faster processor 
RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit 
Hard Drive Size: 32GB or larger hard disk
Graphics Card: Compatible with DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
Display: 800×600 Display Resolution
Processor: 1 GHz or faster processor 
RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB).
Storage: 64 GB or larger storage device 
Graphics Card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.
Display: High-definition (720p) display

Note: During the installation process, both versions need a high-speed internet connection.

Free Activate Windows 10 or 11 When you are a Windows 7 or 8 User

  • Locate the Windows 10 or 11 media creation tool if you already downloaded it.
  • Click on it to run the program and from the next screen select Update This PC Now
  • After confirmation, it’s starting to download the windows.
  • Wait for a while because It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the whole process.
  • During the activation process, select the latest operating system Windows 10 or 11

Free Activate Windows 10 or 11 When you are a Student

Microsoft provides a free Windows Operating system for some specific colleges and educational institutes. If you are in student of a specific college or institute, you will use Windows 10 Or 11 without any cost. You will get almost the same features to compare through the other home, enterprise edition of the latest windows. Moreover, you can use advanced features like RDS, Hyper-V Virtualization, BitLocker, DirectAccess, Applocker etc., without cost.

You can check that your institute included the list of using free windows operating systems from the website: 

Input your country, state/province and Scholl name to check the result that your institute is on the list. You need to fill up some basic information, name, contact info, regional info, institute info, etc., when your want to get your windows operating system from Microsoft. Check the complete form: Microsoft Official Education Page

Best Place to Get Legal Cheap Windows Key for Windows 11 or 10

Note: The following websites are listed according to the product price.

Windows operating system is a product of Microsoft and the only manufacturer. So undoubtedly, it is the best place to get the original windows key. But you can’t get Windows 10 or Windows 11 at a cheap price from Microsoft. Alternatively, you can purchase windows 11 pro key cheap from other verified and trusted sites like Mscdkeys, Msckeys, Sofotwarekeep, Amazon, Gocdkeys etc. Nowadays, we see different discount offers on popular deal-based websites. You can also purchase the windows operating system from them at a mindblowing price. If you want to purchase windows 10 or update your operating system, you can follow blows list where you will get the Windows operating system at the lowest price: 

1. Mscdkeys

We are Mscdkeys and the top of the list because of our excellent customer support service and unbeatable discount. Moreover, we are Microsoft Authorized retail key resellers. We sell only original digital product keys. Our website includes the Microsoft Office suite, Windows Operating System, Windows Server, VPN(Virtual private network), Antivirus, Microsoft SQL Server and many digital products and tools. All the products you will get at a cheap price. 

We are a well-built, authorized and reputed company; you can see our customer review on ResellerRatings. We have kept our fame by selling the original keys since 2018. Our Mscdkeys website regularly updates the product list according to industry standard requirements. We purchase a bundle of product keys from the original manufacturer so that we can able to sell windows and other product keys at a cheap price. We regularly provide discounts on every international event and you will see the discount banner on our website and social activities. IT companies, small & startup businesses and individuals can easily purchase a bulk amount of windows 10 or 11 at a cheap rate from our website.


2. SoftkeyWorld

Softkeyword is a United Kingdom-based company and they are Microsoft Partner, Microsoft AEP – Authorized Education Partner & CSP Reseller. They started their journey in 2016 and after founding the company, they never looked back. In the first year, they awarded the 2016 US SMB Champions Club Southwest Rising Star of the Year, which Microsoft provides for Microsoft’s Small and Mid-Sized Business (SMB) Champions Club.  

They didn’t gather a reputation and trustworthiness in a single day. Buy 24/7 customer support, affordable price and original keys help them a lot to get today’s position. On their digital store, you will see we decorated different products. They try to include all the seeking products like Microsoft office suite, Microsoft windows, Windows server, Antivirus etc. Their Software Blog section helps you easily understand product details, purchasing, download, and installation processes.

They have also included the Open Support Ticket system to provide a modern support system that enhances the support system. Normally by visiting their website, you can search or click on the Windows menu to open the windows operating system store. You can check the latest price for windows 10 and 11 from the product list.

  • $50 Windows 10 Home 
  • $77 – Windows 10 Pro
  • $85 Windows 11 Home
  • $99 Windows 11 Pro

3. SoftwareKeep

SoftwareKeep is a United States-based company and they introduce them more than a company that sells software. Their mission is to ensure satisfaction by providing digital product keys to customers. Their mission is to sell all trendy and customer-required software products. On their website, they add a Menu list, where you will get category-based product listings like Microsoft Office Applications, Windows Operating Systems, Antivirus and other essential software. 

They have packaged their customer in a bag. They included a dedicated software blog where you will find all the software details, download & installation guide, system requirements and version compression. Besides that have live chat options on their website, so you get fast customer support. If you visit their windows operation system product page, you can purchase windows 11 pro cheap key. The price is given below:


  • $73 Windows 10 Home 
  • $89 – Windows 10 Pro
  • $84 Windows 11 Home
  • $109 Windows 11 Pro

4. Amazon

Amazon is an American company focused on E-commerce, digital cloud computing, streaming platform, AI and advertising. Now they are the world’s number one e-commerce platform where you get digital product keys also. Amazon is the best example of popularity, authenticity, and reliability. If you want to purchase windows product 10 keys, this platform is ideal. World’s best authorized and trusted vendors and amazon also individually sell product keys here at a comprehensive price. 

Go to their website and write which version of windows you want to purchase in the search box like as – Windows 10 home. On the search result, you will see a lot of lists of the product according to the search query. Check all of them, and you can filter out all these products by low price to high price. This action will help you can see the product list from the cheap rate to the high rate. Though Amazon is a populated company, purchase a product from them carefully because all the vendors and their product policies are different. Let’s check out the price list of windows OS.  


  • $55 Windows 10 Home 
  • $65 Windows 10 Pro
  • $107 Windows 11 Home
  • $117 Windows 11 Pro

5. Gocdkeys

If you want to purchase the windows operating system at a low price and an unbelievable discount offer, then getting your product key from Gocdkeys is an ideal choice. Gocdkeys is a popular deal site where you will get all the digital products at the offer price. They have included products in their store, including smartphones, games, operation systems, Hardware accessories, etc. Besides, they regularly included new store lists with discount prices for several digital products.

All the discount prices will work with a coupon code. They attached the coupon code with the recommended store list. The command will bring you to the targeted store if you click on the deal link. Make sure you use the coupon during the purchasing period; otherwise, you can’t buy any product at a discount. 

To buy a windows 10 or 11 operating system, go to the website and type the name of the product and you will see a list of the deal from various stores, including buyer reviews and ratings. This site also has a filter option to get the list by OEM, Retail and standard keys. You can follow the best rating and buyer reviews to get the best product. Let’s check out the updated price for the Windows operating system.


  • $77 Windows 10 Home 
  • $97 – Windows 10 Pro
  • $109 Windows 11 Home
  • $9 Windows 11 OEM KEY

6. My Choice Software

My Choice Software is an American-owned company that sells Microsoft and Windows Software product keys. Generally, you will easily get Windows OS, Office suite, Visio, SQL Server, Anti-Virus and other trendy digital software keys. You will purchase all the latest software product keys in their store at a reasonable price.

To provide a better shopping experience, they included a product comparison section where you can see many product comparison guides that help you choose the right product. Moreover, their website lists the best product of the month, monthly deals, windows server deals and reward options where you will get the top product at a discount. They also open a custom request quote option where you can apply for your custom needs. 

Their shipping & returns policy is suitable for the customers because they have 30 days return policy, which means if you face any problem within 30 days after purchasing, they will fix the problem or return your money. From the customer end, this is a great benefit to purchasing windows 10 or 11 keys from their store. Let’s check the price of the windows Operating system:

  • $89.99 Windows 10 Home 
  • $99.99 – Windows 10 Pro
  • $109.99 Windows 11 Home
  • $129.99 Windows 11 Pro

7. Alibaba

Alibaba group is one of the best e-commerce companies based in China, but they provide their services and sell the maximum number of products worldwide. Including all the products needed for the consumer, they also sell digital products and license keys. After visiting their website, you will see many category-based digital products like Visio, Project, Office, Windows, Server, Games and more. 

If you want to purchase the windows product keys from their website, you can normally navigate by Home > All Industries > Consumer Electronics > Computer Hardware & Software > Software.

You will see the list of software, including windows operation system, or you can do it by typing “Windows 10” in the search box. The detailed filter option helps you a lot to get your design work. You will get advanced filtering options, including set price range, supplier country, management certification, operating system support, version, brand and many essential features. Undoubtedly these filtering options help you a lot by the find the best windows operating system for you. 

The contact supplier, Chat Now and Compare features bring the shopping experience to the next level. So buying windows 10 product key from their store is not a bad decision. Let’s check the window’s price from their store:

  • $85 Windows 10 Home 
  • $87 – Windows 10 Pro
  • $157 Windows 11 Home
  • $175 Windows 11 Pro

This is the end of the list for today. You can compare the list before buying the windows key. All the sites we have included have well-reputed, trustworthy and authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Windows Cheap Key are Reliable?

Definitely, Windows cheap keys are reliable and trustable. To reduce our costs, we purchase bulk Windows keys directly from Microsoft at a discount. So we can sell the keys to windows users cheap price.

Q: What Happens if I Use Pirated Windows 10?

Don’t use pirated windows anymore. It is possible to attract threats, viruses and malware on Pirated windows. Your whole operating system and data will be hacked if you use illegal windows on your device. We recommend you buy a legal windows key. 

Q: Why Do I Purchase Windows 10 or Windows 11?

Windows 10 and 11 is the latest and most used operating system worldwide. You will get more advanced features than any other older version of windows. Besides, you can run all the latest software and games on the operating system.

Q: How Do I Understand that I Use a Legal Windows Key?

If you purchase a legal key for the right Windows version, it is easily activated on your device. You won’t face the watermark issue and your windows will be up to date. 

Q: Are Cheap Windows 10 Keys Legit or Fake?

There is no evidence that cheap windows keys are always illegal. Organizations buy a bulk amount of the keys from the original and authorized company and then can sell them cheaply. So that pricing doesn’t make a difference between the legal and illegal keys.

Q: Can I Activate Windows 10 without Product Keys?

The answer is no. To use legal windows, you must activate them with the genuine product key. You can buy affordable windows key from many source and we have already discussed about many of them.

Q: Where Do I Get the Cheap Windows 10/11 Key?

Compare the pricing list from your end with all the lists we have included. According to our analysis, you can buy the Windows 10/11 keys from Mscdkeys at the cheapest price.

Final Thought:

In conclusion, through this article, our goal was to demotivate pirated operating system use. At the same time, we have tried to include the best list from our end of where you can purchase cheap windows 11 pro keys and those are the best places to buy Windows 11 key. Before purchasing a product, we recommend verifying the seller’s authenticity, reviews, and rating to avoid illegal keys. That is all we have to say from our end. If you want to know the download, installation and activation guide for Windows 10 or 11, read out the relevant article from our blog.


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