How to Repair Printer Error Code 0x00000bc4 in Windows

Printer Error Code 0x00000bc4

Do you get trapped with the Printer error code 0x00000bc4 in Windows while using printers? It’s a common issue that when you attempt to link a network-sharing printer with Windows 10 or 11, it’s not possible for the error code 0x00000bc4. The error code shows, “The operation could not be completed (error 0x00000bc4). No printers were found.”

Users would be facing various networking problems that stopped them from using printers. This error code 0x00000bcr is one of them, and it prevents you from using your devices properly. But you’re lucky to know that here, you will get multiple solutions to fix the error code. Stick to this post and know the whole process with consequences.

Why Does 0x00000bc4 Printer Error Happen?

Windows 10, Windows 11, or later prevents you from finding network printers by default. If you integrate the Printer manually, then error code 0x00000bc4 could appear. Sorting out this issue, you should change your Group Policy setting to settle this error. Also, we have listed some additional tricks that solve your issues efficiently. Here, you can see several reasons that cause error:

  • Adding a wireless printer to the computer.
  • There could be a problem with the wireless connection of printers.
  • Not able to link your PC with the shared Printer.
  • Internal settings change like Registry or Printer Spooler.

How to Rectify Printer Error Code 0x00000bc4?

Printer Error Code 0x00000bc4 in Windows is a common problem that users have encountered while printing from their devices. We have included a few effective methods which help you to fix errors successfully. Let’s dive into the following methods for knowing in detail:

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Method 1: Update the Printer Driver

To fix the error code, you can easily update your Printer from Device Manager, and it could solve your problem regarding the error code.

  • Write Device Manager in the Windows Search box and click to open it.
  • You can see a pop-up window; tap on the Print queues to extend it. Click on your problematic Printer and select the update drive. Then, pursue the display direction for updating the driver.

  • Now move to the Windows Update under the Update & Security feature in Settings. 
  • Click on the View Optional Updates.
  • A pop-up window will emerge, and click on the Driver Updates and Select all, then tick on the Download and Install option.

Once you’ve completed the process, restart it to remove the error.

Method 2: Using the Printer Troubleshooter

Including the Printer Error Code 0x00000bc4 in Windows, Troubleshooter can rectify many complicated errors in Windows. Follow these processes to complete troubleshooting:

  1. Click on the Settings option on your computer.
  2. Now press on the Update & Security option.
  3. Find the Troubleshoot and click on it to open Additional Troubleshooters.
  4. Now, click on the Printer and then press Run the Troubleshooter.
  5. Wait a few minutes to end this process, and it will fix all the errors related to it; then restart your PC to check if it is solved.

Method 3: Reset the Print Spooler

Resetting the Print Spooler could solve your issues related to error code 0x00000bc4 in Windows. Follow these procedures:

  1. Press on Win+R to open the Run box.
  2. Type cmd in that box, then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter at a time.
  3. In the Command Prompt, type these below commands.

Net stop spooler

Del %systemroot%\System32\spool\printers* /Q

Net start spooler

After entering commands, you can exit the Command Prompt and restart the computer.

Method 4: Use Registry Editor

Registry Editor is another excellent method to solve the error code. Below, we show you how to set up the registry editor to avoid this type of error. Follow these procedures to fix the issue:

  1. In your Windows search box, type regedit and press the Enter key.
  2. Then follow these tracks: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT. Now, click on the right key over Windows NT and then select New > Key. Give a new name to the key as Printers.
  3. Right-click on the Printers key and generate the RPC key under the Printers.
  4. Now, right-click over the RPC key, choose New > DWORD (32-bit) and name the value as RpcOverNamedPipes.
  5. Press on the right-click on the new value and tap on this to Modify it.
  6. A pop-up window will appear. Change the Value Data to 1 and tap OK.

  • Now, follow the 4 to 6 number process and change the Value Data to 1.

  • After finishing these processes, close the Registry Editor and restart your PC.

Method 5: Integrate Printer Manually

There are several methods to join the Devices & Printers on your PC. You can attach the Printer manually to settle error 0x00000bc4. Track these instructions to fix this problem:

  • Go to your device Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound.
  • Find the Devices and Printers.
  • Click on the Device and Printers, then click on Add a Printer
  • You will see a pop-up window, then tap on The Printer that I want isn’t listed.

  • In the next window, you need to mark the asterisk on Select a Shared Printer by Name.
  • Now you have to Browse the Shared Printer and click on Next.

  • Follow the display guide to complete the process.

Final Words

This post has wonderfully summarized various methods of Printer Error Code 0x00000bc4 in Windows. If you confront these issues on your computer and then use our demonstrated methods, you will get redeemed effectively. Also, you can search on YouTube to understand better.  Let us know your view about our guidelines, and if you have other problems or suggestions, share your thoughts in the comment box. Not more today. Have a nice day. 

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