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How to Reset Trial Period on MAC in 2023

How to Reset or Extend Trial Period on MAC

In this article, we are going to talk about how to reset trial period on mac in 2023. We used third-party software to do that. This is only for educational purposes only.

When we use a free version of a software or application at some point, we must register it for the premium version. If we want to stop using the premium version, we have to reset the trial period of the application again, or we can’t use it anymore. Today we will learn how to reset a software trial period on a Mac device.

What is a Free Trial Version of an Application?

A significant part of the application provides a free trial period for the users for a short time. There are some issues, and disadvantages to using these applications The meaning of trial versions of a software or application is you can’t use all of the application’s features, and after some days, you need to purchase the premium; otherwise, you can’t use the application. If you fail to purchase in paid version, the application stops working on your device. 

Process of How to reset trial period on mac:

Avoid this case; the best solution is to reset trial software. Below are some step-by-step processes of how to reset trial software mac  on a MAC device:

  • To start the process, you need an application called PlistEdit pro for Mac.
  • Click the link above to download the software. After downloading, Unzip the folder.
  • Now you need any MAC software like Crossover that has a trial period.
  • Click Download Trial Now, and after completing the download, Unzip the application folder also.

how to reset trial period on mac

  • From the Go menu of your mac device, follow the process – Go – Library – Preference – com.codewe_crossover.plist

how to reset trial software mac

  • Next left click on (com.codewe_crossover.plist) and hit the Open With option and then Plist

how to reset trial software registry

  • You will see a new screen pop up on the window. There click on the open button.

reset trial software

  • Find the FirstRunDate menu. Now click on the menu, and you can edit the date. After changing the date, you can use the trial version of the application until that date expires. 

reset trial period on mac

By following this process, you can easily renew the trial period. Check out our other blog post for more updates if you want to know more about the process.

If you are still confused, you can watch this video. Maybe it can help you to understand the topic.


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