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How to Upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro

Need additional support from your Windows 11 operating system? Don’t know how to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro? This post will assist you in learning the upgrade procedures.

Windows 11 is the most updated operating system of Microsoft and it has several editions same as the prior Windows versions. Similar to the Windows 10 version, Windows 11 has certain different and new features that make the operating system more user-friendly for diverse users. For normal usage, Windows 11 has two main editions that you can see: Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro. Windows 11 Pro is a feature-enriched edition of Windows but a majority of laptops contain the Home edition. That’s why those who are using Windows 11 Home Edition but want to upgrade their operating system to Windows 11 Pro can benefit a lot from this article. 

What are the Benefits of Upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro?

Microsoft always tries to provide users with the latest features and for this reason, Microsoft works continuously on it. We’ve added some aspects to this point to demonstrate what the latest features are present in Windows 11 Pro for users. Here you can see why a user should upgrade Windows 11 Home to Pro, let’s view the details:

Remote Desktop Service: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro has a remote desktop service that helps users to work virtually from everywhere. It’s a built-in feature that Microsoft established especially in the Windows 11 Professional and provides control to manage devices virtually. So, if you are using Windows 11 Home then you are not able to use this feature.

BitLocker Drive Encryption: It’s a security feature that is presented by Microsoft specifically the Windows Pro version and is not available to Windows 11 Home version. BitLocker Drive Encryption offers higher-class security than any other features available, it immediately locks down devices if they have found any unknown access to the device. In fact, BitLocker provides excessive protection to your device.

Hyper-V: Hyper-V technology is useful for a variety of users, such as students, system administrators, developers, and others. This aspect helps you to run multiple operating systems and apps on a single physical computer. So, it could save money for other device purchases and also reduce wasting time to open another device as well.

Group Policy: This feature is really important for big IT management companies. Group Policy provides controlling power to IT admin handling the computer setting of their company and is a segment of Microsoft Management Console or MNC. Having Windows 11 Pro would give you access to the Group Policy feature that is not available in Windows 11 Home.

Kiosk Mode: It’s a customer-oriented feature that is not available in Windows 11 Home version. Using Windows 11 Pro could provide you entrance to the Kiosk Mode aspect that helps to increase productivity and improve engagement. Kiosk Mode offers the user more power to manage their business with proper security.

Features Comparison Between Windows 11 Home vs Windows  11 Pro

You already know Windows 11 Pro has more features than Windows 11 Home Edition. But that doesn’t show you exactly what you are gonna miss if you don’t upgrade your operating system to Windows 11 Pro.  We have a complete Features Comparison of Windows 11 Home vs Windows  11 Pro. Have a look at these aspects:


Features Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
BitLocker Drive Encryption Not Available Available
Find My Device Available Available
Firewall and Network Protection Available Available
Device Encryption Available Available
Internet Protection Available Available
Join Active Directory/Azure AD Not Available Available
Windows Sandbox Not Available Available
Remote Desktop Client Only Available
Mobile Device Management Not Available Available
Group Policy Not Available Available
Enterprise State Roaming with Azure Not Available Available
Assigned Access Not Available Available
Dynamic Provisioning Not Available Available
Kiosk Mode Not Available Available
Firewall and Network Protection Available Available
Max. CPU Cores 64 128
Maximum RAM 128 GB 2 TB
Parental Controls and Protection Available Available
Windows Hello Available Available
Secure Boot Available Available

How to Upgrade Windows 11 Home to Windows Pro

Upgrading Windows 11 Home to Windows Pro, there are two easy methods: Purchase the Windows Pro key and then enter the Activation of Settings, or buy the upgrade from the Microsoft Store App via Activation of Settings. Here we’ve demonstrated the two methods of how to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro:

Method-1: Upgrade the Windows 11 Pro with a Key

You can purchase a key in two ways: one is an upgrade key that is accessible through various authorized retailers of Microsoft like Amazon, MSCDKEYS, and Best Buy, or buy the Windows 11 Pro full version. 

Step 1: Buy a License Key

If you purchase the upgrade key that is more economical than buying the Windows 11 Pro version because purchasing a full installation key’s price is variable. Among these licenses, the OEM license is less costly but it is tied with one PC that first redeemed the OEM key. The best option to buy Windows 11 Pro key at a cheaper price from Mscdkeys for just $39.99.

Step 2: Activation settings of Windows 11

In your Windows 11, go to Settings > System > Activation. On the other hand, click on the Start Menu, type Activation Setting, and press enter. Activation Settings will automatically appear.

Step 3: Click on Change Product Key

Coming to Activation under Settings, there will be multiple options you can see. Below the Upgrade your edition of Windows, you can view the Change Product Key, Tap on the Change button beside it and it will open another window.


Step 4: Enter the 25-digit License Key

In the Product Key window, you need to enter the 25-digit license key that you have purchased. When you correctly submit the key in that box then click on Next to start the process.

If you successfully activated the license key then restart your computer and see if it is okay and now you have Windows 11 Pro as your operating system. 


Method 2: Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro via the Microsoft Store


Step 1: Open the System Menu

In your Windows 11 Home version, move to Settings > System > Activation. You can also go the other way, open the Start Menu and type Activation Settings then tap enter to go in the Activation menu.


Step 2: Open Your Microsoft App Store

By entering the Activation menu, multiple options will be visible to you. Then find out Upgrade in the Microsoft App and tap on the Open Store Button. Click on this button will open a new window and you should check the upgrading price in it. 

Step 3: Purchase Upgrade from Microsoft App Store

When you enter the Microsoft App Store, you should view the package of upgrade to Windows 10/11 Pro. If you agree with the pricing then you need to tap the red Buy button there and complete the payment procedures. After a while, by restarting your PC, Windows 11 Pro activation settings will be complete in your operating system.


Hopefully, you’ve learned the full process of how to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro. Also, how this upgrade is beneficial to you and where you will get the best price to upgrade Windows that we have presented in this post. Let us know about your problems or opinions through our website contact page or comments section in this post. Have a nice day.


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