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Mscdkeys is a popular software license store where you get Microsoft SQL Server applications besides other essential software programs. SQL server works as an interpersonal database management technique. The major work of an SQL server is to recover and store data by the request of another or the same computer network. Microsoft SQL server has different versions, including SQL Server 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2022.

There are various editions under one version of Microsoft Server. Data engineers, analysts, data scientists, etc. professionals commonly use Microsoft SQL Server. On Mscdkeys, we offer an SQL Server version with secure payments and a product replacement guarantee that will provide you with the best edition of the Server at an affordable price. 

Purchase Microsoft SQL Server and Save Money 

Mscdkeys online store offers meager prices on Microsoft SQL Server solutions. Everything you need to operate servers, databases, and storage systems is available in our SQL server catalog. Mscdkey’s online catalog also provides the latest versions of Microsoft Windows SQL Server, such as Windows SQL Server 2019 standard and Windows SQL Server 2022 standard. Don’t worry; you can get all the SQL servers at a cheaper rate than others. You might think, how could we offer such a low price? It’s very simple, as an authorized reseller of Microsoft, we purchase a bulk amount of license keys from Microsoft. As a result, we get a reduced rate from Microsoft and charge you lower than others.

Meet with Microsoft SQL Server for your Business Solution

Mscdkeys started its journey to provide better service and affordable prices for customers. We have 100% original and legitimate license keys. To learn about our service quality, you can check our Trustpilot scores. Our services offer quick responses to our customers and have an expert customer support team who can guide you through any difficulties.

Here, you will find various SQL Server versions, and you can choose your preferred SQL Server solutions for your company. If your organization’s IT department manages key enterprise databases, Mscdkeys offers several Microsoft SQL Server editions, such as SQL Server 2019. Let’s learn in detail about the SQL server versions on our website:

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard is popular among users for its relational database management system. SQL Server’s 2019 standard version was released on November 4, 2019. This version of SQL Server offers many advantages for making a good solution for businesses across various industries. The standout features include better security measures to build protection for sensitive data. SQL Server 2019 Standard also brings advanced analytics and reporting tools to enable businesses to get valuable insights from their data.

It excels in handling large-scale transactional workloads and is particularly appropriate for mission-critical apps demanding actual-time data handling and analytics. With its well-rounded capabilities, SQL Server 2019 Standard remains a top choice for organizations seeking a reliable and scalable database management system.

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard version was released on November 16, 2021. This Standard 2022 Server is the productive and well-known version developed by Microsoft. This version introduces industry standards technologies, creating an alluring choice for businesses. Microsoft SQL server specialties are its native support for large data clusters and allowing seamless integration. This feature empowers enterprises to extract valuable insights from different and massive data sources. SQL Server 2022 Standard also comes with significant performance enhancements, offering faster query processing and improved resource management.

This version makes it an excellent choice for data-driven organizations aiming to optimize operations and enhance decision-making processes. With its modern features and robust capabilities, SQL Server 2022 Standard sets a new standard for database management systems and solidifies Microsoft’s position as a leader in the database technology landscape.

Get Digital Delivery to Download Microsoft SQL Server

We deliver our product download link and license key digitally, that’s why buying from Mscdkeys would not trouble you. Downloading Windows SQL Server from Mscdkeys will deliver you a 100% valid and genuine license. In this delivery, you will get an official download link to SQL Server and full instructions from the download to the activation process.

Therefore, we offer an extensive range of Windows Storage Servers; you can set up storage appliances from us as your IT department and customer requirements. To know details about it, go to the Microsoft SQL Server product description on our Mscdkeys website, and you will receive detailed information about this system. 

What Category of licenses for SQL Server are available in Mscdkeys?

All of the Microsoft Server licenses on Mscdkeys’ website are perpetual for private and public users. Your product key will be connected to your Microsoft account rather than a specific machine. Whatever SQL Server you want to purchase from our website, it could be Windows Server 2019 or SQL Server 2022, or other software from our catalog; once you buy the license keys, you don’t need to purchase it anymore.

In that case, if you need to reinstall or restore your software for some reason, you won’t be required to purchase a new license. To proceed with the new configuration, simply enter your license keys and deactivate the existing one. This process is just another fantastic benefit of Mscdkeys! 

What Would I Receive when I Purchase a Microsoft SQL Server License Key from Mscdkeys Store?

To have the best relational database system on your device, you should buy the SQL Server license keys. This SQL Server could help you to get the best data storage, processing, and security provider for your data. Following your Microsoft SQL Server purchase, you will receive everything you need in your email in a few minutes:

  • Your ordered license key for the Microsoft SQL Server package.
  • Official ISO file download link.
  • Simple and precise directions for downloading, installing, and activating Microsoft Server.
  • Invoice of purchase.
  • A sincere customer support team is available 24/7 and serves you against any difficulties you are confronted with.

Are you a reseller? Eager to work with Mscdkeys!

Discover all of the benefits our Mscdkeys program provides for your B2B business if you are a reseller of software products such as Microsoft SQL Server. Email us at [email protected], and we will send to you a custom-made price list. Get attached with Mscdkeys to flourish your business and sell more to make your business profitable. 

System Requirements

Your device has to support the system requirements of that specific product to download the SQL Server. You will find the product description of Microsoft SQL Server on our website. Check on the description of products to see if your device matches.