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Microsoft Windows Server is a package of operating systems for maintaining Servers. Windows Server was first launched on July 27, 1993. From the beginning, now we can see the latest Windows Server 2022. Other popular Windows Servers are Windows Server 2019 and Server 2016. Many Windows Servers’ versions do not match the updated software and operating system. That’s why we have included the latest Server version keeping current users in mind. Windows Server has a modernized user interface, scalable features, and multilayered security, which helps to choose small and mid-level businesses. If you are an individual or have a small team or small business, you can buy our latest Windows Server versions at a low price.

Buy Windows Server to Get Lifetime Access

Mscdkeys store has the latest version of Windows Server. You can use the Server product on your device by maintaining the system requirements. To use the different versions of Windows Server, you need to check the system demand first. You may check the system requirement under every product detail on our website. If your device matches the basic system requirement, that doesn’t mean you can activate Windows Server. Because at the same time, you need a valid license key first to activate your device. Now see what Windows Server versions are available on our Mscdkeys store.

Windows Server Versions Available on Our Store

At our Mscdkeys, we included the latest version of the Server, such as Windows Server 2022 and Windows Server 2019. We also have other popular editions of Windows Server; You can purchase and use them easily on your computer device with a genuine license key. Let’s read a short discussion about the multiple version of Windows Server: 

Windows Server 2016 Standard

It’s a cloud-prepared operating system that delivers advanced security and Azure-inspired innovation to accelerate business. Windows Server 2016 Standard offers reliable and extensible business apps that manage Storages Spaces Direct, Nano Server, Shielded Virtual Machines, and more productivity features. This Server 2022 Standard has extensive security, improved performance, simplified management, and many other benefits that make your work easy to complete. Windows Server 2016 Standard available price is only $49.99. 

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

Microsoft Server 2016 Datacenter is intended to perform business communication and data storage. It has developed a stability, security, and networking system to serve advanced Server features to users. Windows Server 2022 Datacenter has multiple new features, such as unlimited RRAS connections, Unlimited Cores, Unlimited Virtual Machines, and huge storage of 24 TB RAM. This Server 2016 Datacenter is available at $49.99 in Mscdkeys.

Windows Server 2019 Standard

Windows Server 2019 Standard was released on November 13, 2018; this version of the Server is designed to help businesses of different sizes. Server software provides reliable and dynamic features of services. The prime facets of Windows Server Standard 2019 include enhanced protection with Windows Defender ATP, which helps safeguard against advanced threats and breaches. It has also improved virtualization capabilities with Windows Server Hyper-V, allowing enterprises to generate and control VMs.

Windows Server 2019 Standard supports various Office working areas, including file and print services, web services, application hosting, and more. Its reliability, scalability, and robust features make it a popular choice for organizations seeking a stable and powerful Server operating system. On Mscdkeys, you can get the Windows Server 2019 Standard License Key for only $60.

Windows Server 2019 Datacenter

Server 2019 Datacenter is another edition of the Windows Server 2019 version. This variant was published on November 13, 2018. It’s an exclusive version of the Server family. This version of Windows Server is particularly designed for organizations that need large-scale Server virtualization. Windows Server Datacenter 2019 presents unlimited virtualization features.

Additionally, the Windows Server 2019 Datacenter includes all the features of the Standard edition, such as enhanced security with Windows Defender ATP, improved Hyper-V virtualization, and Windows Admin Center for simplified management. If you have an enterprise-type business and require highly scalable cloud services and software-defined networking capabilities Windows Server 2019, Datacenter is one of the best choices.

The robust, strong features and unlimited virtualization benefits of Windows Server 2019 Datacenter make it a popular choice for organizations who are seeking a powerful and flexible Server operating system to meet their diverse business needs. We offer the Windows Server 2019 Datacenter License Key for only $60. 

Windows Server 2022 Standard

Windows 2022 Server Standard was launched in August 2021. One of the key highlights features of Windows Server 2022 Standard is its hybrid cloud services facility. Besides, Windows Server 2022 Standard introduces us to the advanced container feature. This feature allows developers to bundle programs easily and organize them persistently among diverse environments.

The most developed part of Windows Server 2022 Standard is its dynamic security features. The security features help to manage capabilities through Windows Admin Center and support for various Server roles. If you have an organization that needs to establish hybrid and cloud-based solutions, Windows Server 2022 Standard is a cost-effective solution for the versatile platform. Purchase the Windows Server Standard 2022 license from our store for $80.

Windows Server 2022 Datacenter



Windows Server 2022 Datacenter was also released on August 18, 2021. This version is the core edition of the Windows Server 2022 family. It is destined for large businesses and organizations with high-performing volumes of work. The businesses that purchase the new Server can run unlimited virtual machines on a single license. This edition could make a cost-effective solution for organizations with vast virtualization needs.

Besides, Windows Server 2022 Datacenter also supports hybrid cloud scenarios with Azure Arc integration. Windows Server 2022 Datacenter enables businesses to build and manage highly scalable, flexible, and secure infrastructures. So, this version of the Server remains a reliable and comprehensive choice for meeting their most demanding Server requirements. You can pick the Server 2020 Datacenter license for only $80.

Why Do You Buy Cheap Software Product License Keys?

In the digital world, major companies, administrative professionals, and IT businesses depend on Windows Server for various tasks. They manage different tasks, including data management, network administration, file sharing, and application hosting. However, acquiring multiple product keys for Windows Server can enforce a significant budgetary and financial load. 

To address this issue, we offer a solution by providing budget-friendly Windows Server product keys. By availing of our cost-effective product keys, businesses can reduce their expenses while still accessing the necessary tools and functionalities offered by Windows Server. Our special discount product helps them save money and efficient operations within their IT infrastructure.

How Do We Sell Cheap Product License Keys?

Pricing is a significant matter for buying your desired Server. Purchasing Windows Server from Microsoft would be very costlier for you, and in the marketplace, there are many providers, but the price is high, and tough to get valid license keys.

Considering those, we provide valid and original product keys at a reasonable price. We are verified resellers of Microsoft. Buying license keys in bulk helps us reduce the price rate, and as a reseller, we will provide you with a valid product license key as always.

What Will You Get from Purchasing MSCDKEYS?

Place your order on our website and get Windows Server at a budget-friendly price. To see what you will get after ordering on our website, take a short look below:

  • A valid and genuine Windows Server product license key.
  • Official ISO download link.
  • Complete instructions for download to activation.
  • Invoice of purchase documents.
  • Product transfer rights and delivery notes.

Windows Server System Requirement

Windows Server has several versions, so it has different system requirements. To set up a successful installation, you should have the right device. You can examine the least system demands at our specific Server description post.