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Unactivated Windows 10 – Do the Cons Outweigh the Pros?

Unactivated Windows 10

Windows 10 made huge improvements, bug fixes, stability, etc. in comparison to its predecessor, Windows 8, and was marked as the turning point of Microsoft operating systems. It got to be so popular and people still prefer using them over the other versions of operating systems.

However, all the improvements and facilities didn’t come for free. You have to pay a reasonable amount of cash to like, actually enjoy everything offered by this masterpiece of Microsoft. The first and the most noticeable facility among all is, that you don’t have to activate your windows right after you install it on your PC. Some people actually go for the unactivated Windows 10 just because they can use it forever. Nevertheless, using an unactivated Windows 10 has its own disadvantages and will do more harm than good in the long run.

In this article, we’ll bring up all the disadvantages of using an unactivated Windows 10 and ways to activate it. A quick pro tip, if you want to buy Windows 10 license keys at a cheaper rate, you should take a look at our store.

Disadvantages of Using Unactivated Windows 10

Usually, when you install a Windows without the product key, you’ll get about 30 days to actually use it without any restraints. During this trial period, you’ll have all the facilities and features open for you. But after those 30 days, you’ll face all the annoying pop-ups, security issues, performance drops etc. So, here are the most prominent ones that you might see often or the ones that have the most potential to make you annoyed.

You Don’t Get to Personalize Your Computer –

Usually, windows 10 comes with a lot of customization options to make the computer look very unique to you and have a ‘you’ touch into it. However, in the first 30 days, you’ll take your sweet time to customize your PC, and when the 30 days are up, all of those will revert to their default condition.

We understand that customizing something takes up a lot of time and effort. We understand that, but the unactivated Windows 10 won’t! This customization limitation makes most of the users go for the activation.

Let’s take a glance at which customization options you’ll have but will not be able to use in an unactivated Windows –

  •   Desktop background wallpaper: It would have felt really good once you saw your desired wallpaper as soon as you logged into the PC. But this customization gets converted into default in a Windows 10 that’s not activated.
  •   Windows Color Palette: You’ll not have access to any color palette.
  •   Windows 10 themes: If you browse thoroughly, you’ll see many Windows themes were customized either by Microsoft or other users. But all of them are inaccessible in an unactivated Windows 10.
  •   Lock screen background wallpaper: In activated windows, even the wallpapers seen in the lock screen are customizable which you won’t see in an unactivated one.
  •   Taskbar customization: The Taskbar is a very useful section of the windows containing all your recent task information. Activated Windows 10 users can customize it easily and get app suggestions which is disabled for the unactivated Windows 10 version.

Limited and Delayed Windows Updates

Microsoft keeps on updating its operating system UI so that you can have a very smooth journey in using Windows 10 on your computer. Using an unactivated Windows 10 will limit these facilities. How? Microsoft doesn’t recognize the unactivated windows so they don’t send new updates to these versions in time.  Moreover, sometimes you’ll not get any additional updates at all.

Activate Windows Watermark on Desktop

This feature is like the hallmark of an unactivated windows. No matter what you do, this annoying little watermark on the bottom right of your display never goes away. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing a UHD full-screen game, watching a movie, or working whatever. There’s always that pesky little watermark that is still there, interrupting your work or recreation session.

Moreover, you might even get into legal problems if you get caught using unactivated Windows 10 being a professional to an auditing agent. It will not take much to give you away, just this watermark as soon as you turn on your PC, and you’re done!

Pop-Ups and Reminders

If that watermark wasn’t enough, Microsoft keeps on reminding you to activate your Windows 10 with full-screen pop-ups. They appear at the worst possible time, minimizing all that you are doing and disrupting your flow.

Limited Access to Windows Insider Builds

Though most of the Windows users have very little use of this Windows 10 feature, if you have to know then, Microsoft made a program where you can test different builds of windows 10. This is a pretty fascinating feature incorporated into Windows 10. You can easily download and test the builds with an activated Windows 10.

Legal Issues

Though we have already mentioned the legal problem, but it’s going to turn into a big problem if you are running a company. Now, why is that? Microsoft stated in their License Terms that you are authorized to use this software only if you are properly licensed, and the software has been properly activated with a genuine product key or by other authorized methods.

So, if you are running a company with employees using an unactivated Windows 10, Microsoft can charge you as much as a $250,000 fine per title infringed and imprisonment in some cases. If you’re a regular user, you have nothing to worry about. However, you should provide your employees with a licensed Microsoft Windows 10 copy if you’re their employer.

How to Activate Windows 10 with a Valid License Key

Now that you know the cons of using your Windows 10 unactivated, you must think, what’s the solution, right? Worry not, as you can easily legalize your copy of Windows 10 by activating it using two methods: using a digital license, or using the product key.

Activating Windows 10 with a Digital License Key

A good thing about digital licenses is that they are linked to your Microsoft account. So, you don’t really need to do anything as an internet connection and your Microsoft account is all it takes to activate the windows. You can easily activate it from the Microsoft Web Store.

Activating Windows 10 with a Product Key

The Microsoft Windows product key is a code of 25 characters. If you have the product key, you can easily use the key during the installation (they’ll prompt you to enter the product key during installation) or later at your own convenient time. To enter your product key go to Settings > Activation > Update product key > Change product key.

If you don’t have a product key yet, you can buy it online from our store, mscdkeys. It’s important to know the Windows version and buy the appropriate key. If you’re using Windows 10 Home, you can check out our product, Microsoft Windows 10 Home for only $37. However, if you’re looking for a Windows 10 Professional license key then you can buy that version from mscdkeys for only $39.99.

To purchase the product key, all you need to do is just press the purchase button, and go for the payment. Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll get your product key immediately in your email. Take our word for it, this process is very time-saving and convenient!


So, as you can see using Windows 10 unactivated version brings in more damage than good. It’s not a bad deal to buy the license as you can get access to the OS for a lifetime with just a one-time payment. For more information on the prices, check out There, you’ll find amazing lucrative deals and sales on Windows 10.

In a nutshell, even though you can use the Windows 10 unactivated version for a lifetime, but its disadvantages are way too much to ignore. Therefore, it’s best if you go for the license one and use Microsoft’s facilities for a lifetime.


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