How to Fix “You’re Offline. Check Your Internet Connection” in 2023

youtube youre offline check your connection windows 10

If you are using YouTube, you might sometimes face this problem “You are offline. Check your connection” in 2023. Many users complain that sometimes they want to play a video on youtube but face connection error problems, and youtube shows offline cases. 

This problem is not for a single user; anyone faces these problems around the globe. When you face this issue, youtube shows this notification in online mode. I’m a chrome browser user and often face youtube says I’m offline chrome. When I faced this problem, I felt very disappointed at this time. Because I am still online now, but youtube show – you are offline.  

Any time you face this problem or want to get a solution, you are one step behind to get a solution. The following article covers the reasons for showing – “why does my youtube say im offline” and the solution. I will describe step by step how you will fix the issue quickly.  

Following the solution, you will watch your favorite youtube video without interruption. Don’t waste time; let’s dive into the solution:

Why Does YouTube Say, “You’re Offline. Check Your Connection.”

There were a lot of issues that youtube said, “You are offline. Check your connecting”. The primary cause is when you try to watch YouTube videos and show them on the screen, there is an issue with your internet connection. Not only YouTube, besides many other applications, depends on a reliable internet connection to function correctly. You can’t watch your YouTube videos and see the offline message. Instead, check your internet connection. 

Sometimes you face problems cause of router issues. You receive the “YouTube you are offline check your internet connection 2022” because of this. Another possible explanation for the “YouTube you are offline, check your internet connection issue” is that if you use mobile data instead of wifi, your mobile data may run out. 

You can also face the issue accidentally if you turn on airplane mode on your phone, preventing your apps from adequately accessing your mobile data or wifi. Due to adblocker issues, the problem is “youre offline youtube. Check your internet connection problem.” Additionally, the fact that your YouTube has amassed several caches may be the cause of the “YouTube you are offline” problem you are encountering. 

Using a VPN is a crucial contributor to the problem of “youre offline youtube; check your internet connection issue.” If you frequently use a VPN, it may be why you cannot watch your videos and receive the error message.  

Why does youtube say I’m offline on PC, MAC and Other Devices?

Now talk about the original methods you can use to identify and solve the problem of the “YouTube you are offline, check your internet connection mac, PC and other devices.”

Test Your Router

Since it has been determined that an issue with your internet connection is most likely the main reason you are receiving the “YouTube youre offline error, check your internet connection problem,” Let’s talk about ways to ensure your internet connection is operating best. When you receive the issue, you should first check your network. Only using a router is necessary for this workaround to work. Continue reading if you utilize mobile data or other internet connection types because we have tested solutions for you. So make sure your router is working correctly by checking it.

This is essential because connecting to your switch will determine if your router is operating correctly. You may check to see if your router is operating properly in various ways. Here’s how to test your router’s functionality and troubleshoot it.

why does youtube say im offline on pc

  • Check the LED indicator light on your Router: At the first time, you should check the LED on your router. If it’s flashing red, then it’s not functioning correctly. You may have to reset the router, unplug it, and plug it back in again. If this doesn’t work, you will have to contact the manufacturer of your router for further assistance.
  • Inspect the computer’s IP address: You can also check your computer’s IP address using a network analyzer. It will show you the computers’ IP addresses and how much bandwidth is being used by each computer connected to your network. By looking at this information, you can tell if all computers are receiving signals from your router.
  • Ensure All PCs are connected to the same Network: Ensure that all computers connected to your switch are on the same network so they can communicate properly. If they’re not on the same network, there will be no connection between them, and they won’t be able to communicate. Try to ping one computer using another computer on the same network.
  • Restart The Router: Restarting your router is a speedy way to solve the problem. You can do this by following the described process. First, turn off the switch of your router and plug out the supply line plug from the socket. And also release the service provider cable. Wait around 30 seconds to plug it in again. After some time, plug in all the releasing cables and switch on the router. If you see youtube now works well and don’t see the text “youre offline youtube, check your connection,” that determines the problem occurs for the service provider cable. If you can’t solve the problem, follow the next steps in this process.

Switch on the Wifi Button

Another proven way to fix the problem “youtube youre offline check your connection windows 10” is to use wifi only. If you are using mobile data and see “youtube says you are offline check your connection,” the best thing you can do is switch to wifi only. Most of the time, you might be experiencing this problem because of a problem with your data connection. When your mobile data runs out, YouTube will hit you with the “You are offline, check your internet connection error” notification. So switch to wifi only because your wifi connection is usually stronger than your mobile data connection.

youtube youre offline check your connection windows 10

Close And Reopen the YouTube App

You may also close and reopen the YouTube app if you have faced the issue. Because it behaves similarly to when you restart a device, closing and opening your YouTube again resolves the “why does youtube say im offline on pc” problem. This action aids in clearing any cache builds that might have harmed your YouTube program and contributed to its malfunction. Additionally, it improves the user experience and the efficiency of the YouTube app. Any problems that could make the YouTube app lag and display the “you are offline, check your internet connection problem” will be fixed. The best practice to solve the problem is to reopen the YouTube app.

Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

Sometimes you will face the problem “You are offline, check your internet connection issue” to be offline mode. Unfortunately, you can enable airplane mode on your phone, in which case you need to turn off airplane mode. If you detect that you have activated it by mistake, disable it. This process will give you an easy solution.

youre offline check your connection youtube pc

Set the exact Date and Time on your Device

This problem often happens when your device date and time are wrongly set. So first, to avoid the error, you need to fix the time and date of your Device. Go to the Date and Time setting and check; if incorrect, set the actual date and time. After fixing the setting, open your Youtube, and you will see this problem does not exist at the time.

Disable Add Adblocker

Why does youtube say I’m offline on PC? If you have the same question, here are the problem and solution. Another reason you can see is “Youre Offline Youtube. Check your internet connection” for using adblocker. The best solution is to turn off your Device’s adblocker installs. You may use some extensions to block add but now remove these extensions from the extension list if you want to release from” youre offline youtube. Check your internet connection chrome.” When you disable the extension from your PC, try to reconnect on YouTube again. At this time, you can connect on Youtube must.

why does youtube say im offline on pc

Clear Cache in Browser

Sometimes you’ll experience YouTube issues if your browser has a cache building. The browser’s built-up cache may cause the “youre offline check your connection youtube pc” message. The best action method for you is to erase your browser’s cache. Right-click the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen if you are using Chrome. Visit more tools, then select precise browsing data. You can proceed now. Check YouTube now to see whether it functions properly.

why does youtube say im offline on pc

Try Using a VPN

Occasionally the internet server gets down in some areas; in this case, you also see the message, “you are offline, check your internet connection. retry” while browsing on youtube. The solution is to use a VPN instantly. If you follow the steps, you can release the problems. 

Contact Google Support

If you’ve tried the solutions in this article and are still getting the “why does my youtube say im offline,” getting in touch with Google support is the best action. They have the skills and knowledge to locate the source of your issue quickly. They will resolve every issue relating to your Google and YouTube accounts.


Those are the solutions for youre offline check your connection youtube pc and mac. You may encounter the “youtube you are offline, check your internet connection 2023” for various reasons. Your internet connection is usually to blame most of the time. There are numerous ways to fix the “youre offline, check your internet connection retry” problem. You can use a VPN, or portable hotspot, check your router, etc. Additionally, you might try restarting YouTube, turning on and off airplane mode, adjusting the date and time on your computer, and disabling the adblocker. Last resort, call Google Support if none of these work.

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