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Windows 11 Enterprise vs Pro – What are the Differences?

Windows 11 Enterprise vs Pro

Do you know the differences between Windows 11 Enterprise vs Pro? Does Windows 11 Enterprise have the same features as Windows 11 Pro? You will know these answers after reading this post.

Microsoft’s latest operating system is Windows 11, specially designed to secure business with its robust features and benefits. It has several editions under the Windows 11 version, and we focus on choosing between Windows 11 Enterprise and Professional editions in this post. In the end, we will try to expose the best-suited version for you of those editions – so keep reading.

What’s New in Windows 11?

As you know, Windows 11 is the newest operating system, so by upgrading your Windows, you can see a lot of changes. In this segment, we include the recent updates of Windows 11 that will show you the changes in this version from the previous versions. These are:

New Interface: Microsoft brings significant changes to the interface that is different from Windows 10. It creates a modern appearance for your computer and provides you with multiple benefits of using this interface. 

Teams App: In your latest operating system of Windows, Microsoft replaces Skype by adding Teams application. The previous version had a Skype app for communication with others, but Windows 11 completely integrated the Teams app to displace Skype. 

Android Apps: Microsoft integrates Android apps on Windows 11, which you can download via Microsoft Store and the Amazon AppStore. So, get your favorite Android app and use it through Windows 11.

Improved Gaming Experience: Windows 11 has developed gaming experiences for users. Having the Windows 11 operating system on your device, you can download high-quality games and enjoy playing with the improved graphics.

Multitasking Capability: Integrating new features like “Snap Layouts” can assist you in multitasking. This multitasking ability helps you to utilize multiple applications simultaneously on your screen. It increases work productivity to get better results for your business or company. 

Core Features of Windows 11 Enterprise vs Pro

Windows 11 Enterprise Vs. Pro are the different variants of the same version of Microsoft. These editions are designed to meet the requirements of different categories of businesses. The Enterprise edition of Windows has more features like advanced security and compliance tools; this edition is suitable for big companies or large organizations, and it is adaptable to complex IT support. On the other hand, the Professional variant is compatible with small or medium-sized businesses with easygoing IT support.

Features of Windows 11 Enterprise

Windows 11 Enterprise comprises diverse features that assist you in controlling the IT infrastructure of large organizations. It has the most updated and advanced quality features to tackle any complex IT issues easily. Here you can see some of the essential aspects of Windows 11 Enterprise Version:

  • Windows Enterprise 11 edition has the virtualization capability to operate several virtual machines on a single device.
  • The Enterprise version contains Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for performing remote tasks smoothly.
  • This edition incorporates the Azure Active Directory of Microsoft Cloud Platform.
  • Modern security and compliance facets, such as secure boot, multi-factor authentication, device encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), and more, protect your business or organizational security. 
  • It has a System Center Configuration Manager, or SCCM tool, that empowers management, security, and deployment. 
  • Having Windows Enterprise 11 edition, you will get access to Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus.

Features of Windows 11 Professional

Windows 11 Professional is also the latest operating system of Microsoft; it has all the current features but a shortage of some advanced aspects compared to the Enterprise edition. Having this variant, you will get the basic level of security with antivirus software but not getting the enterprise-level security. Look here to see some important features of Windows Professional:

  • You will have two user accounts at a time for one license of Windows 11 Professional. 
  • Get accessibility options like high contrast mode and magnifier tool.
  • Features like Device Encryption, BitLocker technology, and Windows Defender make strong security.
  • Getting access to download from Microsoft Store, including Office 365 Home & Student Edition suite.

Hardware Requirements of Windows 11

There are some requirements to get Windows 11 on your PC. If you have a shortage of system requirements, then your device can’t be installed for further usage. You should check these minimum demands before downloading the software:

ComponentMinimum Requirements
ProcessorAt least 1 GHz or quicker with 2 cores
RAMMinimum of 4 GB Random Access Memory
Storage64 GB of storage space for optimal performance
DisplayHigh-definition (720p) display
GraphicsDirectX 12 or later and WDDM 2.0 driver
System FirmwareUEFI and Secure Boot accomplished
TPMTrusted Platform Module 2.0 version
Additional NeedsInternet connection, a Microsoft account

What are the Differences Between Windows 11 Pro Vs Enterprise?

Both of the editions are the latest operating systems of Microsoft. Windows 11 Pro is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses or companies, while the Enterprise edition has a more comprehensive operating system to control larger organizations or businesses. 

Windows Pro 11 is mainly considered a standard option for mid-level businesses or companies, but the Enterprise edition has additional features that are especially useful for large IT companies where additional aspects are more necessary than the basic facets.

Another crucial disparity between Windows editions is pricing. The Enterprise variant is more expensive compared to the Professional edition. You can purchase a Windows Pro 11 license separately or partly with Microsoft 365. At the same time, the Enterprise edition will be purchasable by volume license, or you can upgrade it from the Windows Pro retail version.

Which Edition is Better for You?

To provide a decision of which one is best suited to your device between Windows 11 Enterprise Vs. Pro is not the proper way of making recommendations. But we could suggest some general guidance on how you can select the right Windows software from these versions.

If you want to operate Windows for personal usage or medium-level business where you don’t require high-end security, then Windows 11 Pro is the perfect edition for your devices. You could pick the Enterprise version while you need to manage supreme-level security and large organizations management. 

Now, you have to think about which edition is the most compatible with your task. According to your necessity, take an edition that helps you to complete tasks smoothly.

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Bottom Line

If you read this post, you will know what are the differences between Windows 11 Enterprise Vs. Pro and also the pros and cons of it. So, if you want to buy one of the latest editions from Windows 11 Enterprise and Pro, consider Mscdkeys to get the best deal in the marketplace. Inform us how helpful our post is through our contact page. Enough for today. Have a good day to all.

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