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Windows 11 OEM Vs Retail – Understand & Pick the Right One

Windows 11 OEM Vs Retail

Do you know what is the suitable version for you between Windows 11 OEM vs Retail? Both of them are utilized across the world. Before choosing any version of these, you should know the benefits and disadvantages to realize your demand and which is the perfect for your device. This article will interpret the disparity amidst an OEM and a Retail copy. It will help you to understand both the license and provide information that will be enough for you to compare these two and choose a perfect license. To learn more about these two, you should continue reading and at the end, we will clarify which version you should choose.

What is the OEM Version?

Original Equipment Manufacturer is an amplification of OEM. This system is designed by computer manufacturers who have pre-installed this OEM version in Windows before selling them to customers. This version is simple to use compared to the other licensed versions and some features are not found in this license because it’s cheap and pre-installed on the computer like a default system. 

When you purchase a personal computer or laptop in a legal store or retail shop, your PC has built-in Windows that is activated by OEM license keys. The price you will pay for the PC to the retailer or storekeeper includes the final price of the PC and pre-built OEM version prices as well. In a nutshell, manufacturers used this OEM version to activate PCs, and the local computer shops do it as well, it’s a common trend in pre-build computers. 

What is the Retail Version?

Regarding the retail version of Windows 11, when you purchase a copy of the operating system from the Microsoft store or authorized retailer, you will get a retail license copy. If you purchase Windows 11 retail license from the store, you can use this license to activate Windows for other computers without any cost if you deactivate Windows on the previous device. In that event, there is no hindrance on hardware changes. 

When you see some box sets of Windows in a shop, that is the retail version of Windows. It’s for those people who want to upgrade their version or buy a new license. You can utilize this license for any computer and also Microsoft provides full support in this regard. To use a retail license on another PC, you need to deactivate and remove from other computers and install it on the selected PC to activate.

Difference between a Windows 11 OEM Vs Retail License?

Many Windows users don’t know the differences between Windows 11 OEM vs Windows 11 Retail license copy. Generally, they purchase a computer from the store and get a pre-built license on that and use it for a lifetime. But if they know about features, cost, support, and other functionalities, they would have changed their license multiple times. 

We have kept this segment for those who don’t know the differences or want to learn more about this topic but couldn’t have enough reliable resources to look at. Briefly, there are two main differences between both versions but you will have more when you are using and experiencing both versions. Let’s move on to these aspects:

The Flexibility of License Transfer: 

The most important difference between  Windows 11 Pro OEM vs Retail licenses is their flexibility; the ability to move license keys from one to another hardware. 

If you hold a retail license then easily shift your Windows 11 license to another PC. On the Other Hand, having an OEM license, you can’t move your license to another computer. So, the amazing benefit of a retail key is that you can install it on more than one PC and also use the key several times. Those who frequently change their PC to be upgraded with time will benefit a lot from this version. 


Another exciting contrast is the support system from Microsoft. Both versions get different priorities from Microsoft. In that case, the Retail license is ahead of the OEM license. 

Possessing a retail copy of Windows, you can contact Microsoft for asking support anytime. If you have issues with the activation process or confront problems with free upgradation or related issues then Microsoft support provides assistance for guiding you to a successful solution. 

With an OEM version, you can’t get solutions as a retail version receives from Microsoft. If your computer has an OEM version already and you are stuck with some issues without a solution and contact Microsoft support, they will refer you to the manufacturer of that device for getting solutions to this issue. We believe these two major differences will clearly understand the situation of having different editions with different benefits. We have added more reasons to clarify your concept about these two versions’ differences. 


In terms of features, an OEM version is limited compared to the retail version. Though you can’t blame Microsoft for this reason, because an OEM version is assembled by manufacturers and they have responsibilities to look over its problem solutions. 

There are no differences in general features and tools of these two versions, Both versions have the same operating system and hardware capabilities and include all the functions and updates of Microsoft. For example, receiving Microsoft updates available for both versions.

Therefore, if you want to build a PC, then having a retail version is highly recommended for you. It works better and contains greater quality parts that are used for gaming PCs, like graphics cards, and memory. 

OEM companies utilize low-quality parts at the time of system integration. That’s why it gives slower performance than the retailer version and users end up with the gaming PC ultimately. 


As concerns pricing, there have been a few more differences we could notice. For the OEM version, you can upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 free of cost but your device should meet the requirements of upgrading the latest operating systems of Microsoft. To check if you have the settings, go to the Windows 10 settings then updates.

If your PC doesn’t possess Windows 10 or is not eligible for the upgrade, you can buy this software from a retail shop or digital store like MSCDKEYS

Do I Have to Purchase an Inexpensive OEM Key?

To purchase an OEM key is completely legit only if you acquire the key through a valid procedure. There will be numerous authentic sites you find online that deal in software like MSCDKEYS, we have both versions available on our website with lots of benefits that you will see go through on our website. 

Beware of fraudulent software providers, retailers, or resellers, as they can lure you through low-cost prices but deliver invalid software. You will be very happy to know that our website is linked to Trustpilot, you can also visit there to see users review our products and services. This will help you to recognize reliable providers in the industry. 

What Should I Pick For My Device?

What should you select for your computer? It’s tough to tell you the exact solution without knowing anything about the PC that we are suggesting. But there are general rules that you can follow for greater results and choose between Windows 11 OEM vs Retail. 

If you need to shift Windows from one PC to another, using the license more than once, and eager to build for extensive work then we recommend you to get and activate a retail version for your devices. On the other hand, if you prioritize simple, cheap, and savings money, then OEM software is the best solution for you.

Final Words

We hope our information about the differences between Windows 11 OEM vs Retail Key will be helpful for you. Do not forget our site, MSCDKEYS, here you will get all of the latest and previous popular software and tools for you and your organizations. We believe that reading this whole article will solve all the issues linked to it. Thereupon, if you have any queries related to this topic that seems important for you and others, share your feelings by contacting us in the comment box or through our contact page. Have a great day.

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