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Download Rufus for Mac – Best 8 Alternatives To Boot USB on Mac

Download Rufus for Mac

Rufus is a popular software program used for formatting and booting USB drives. After running the program, it starts to burn the file of the USB stick or drive and create the ISO file called booting. Download rufus for mac but the problem is rufus only works for Windows operating systems, so you can’t use it on your Mac OS. But you can find some great alternatives instead of Rufus. 

Some Information About Rufus

Rufus is a utility app used to make a bootable flash drive. Through its Windows operating system program, Rufus offers free utility services. Rufus for Mac replaces other programs if you use a Linux or Mac operating system to make a bootable USB flash drive.

How can I use Rufus on my Mac?

The shocking news is Rufus is not available for Mac, so you can’t download rufus for mac, but the good news is there are some great alternatives instead of Rufus. If you want to install, reinstall or repair windows on your mac device, a bootable USB flash drive helps when you don’t have the installation disk. Below are listed some best tools you can use to boot your USB drive.

Best 8 Rufus Alternatives for Mac:

You can use these 8 tools as Rufus alternative for Mac:

  1. UNetbootin

  2. balenaEtcher

  3. DiskMaker X

  4. Deepin Boot Maker

  5. ROSA ImageWriter

  6. Install Disk Creator

  7. ISO Image Writer

  8. UUByte

1. UNetbootin

download unetbootin

UNetbootin is the first choice that you can use to boot a USB drive. This utility tool is available for Mac, Linux, and windows. You can quickly boot your USB drive using this tool, which is the best Rufus alternative for Mac. The best factor is Unetbootin on Mac helps to boot a drive without burning the CD.

Don’t know how to boot a usb? Read our How to Create a Bootable USB. Need help to use unetbootin on mac. We find a YouTube video as a suggestion. If you want, you can check it throw this link:

2. balenaEtcher

download balenaetcher

balenaEtcher for Mac is popular because it’s a speedy utility tool. This tool is handy because it allows working for all platforms. The work process is also straightforward. You need to select the ISO image and then the USB drive and click to flash. That’s the end of the process. BalenaEtcher is very fast for image flashing and includes an image validation feature.

Don’t know how to use balenaEtcher for mac to boot a usb? We find a YouTube video as a suggestion. If you want, you can check it throw this link:

3. Diskmaker X

download disk maker x

Diskmaker x is a great alternative instead of Rufus. Also known as Lion builder, this utility works with nearly every release of Mac OS. Launching Diskmaker X on your device automatically identifies a valid Mac OS with the spotlight. Afterward, it will ask for your approval before making an external drive bootable installation CD. Then you can use the install drive to reinstall the OS X on the formatted Mac hard drive.

Don’t know how to use Diskmaker X to boot a usb? We find a YouTube video as a suggestion. If you want, you can check it throw this link:

4. Deepin Boot Maker

download deepin boot maker

The Deepin Technology Team created the free program Deepin Boot Maker. Rufus for Mac is the most effective substitute due to its user-friendly interface for producing bootable USB sticks. ISOs may be installed in Deepin, and the Deepin Book Maker is compatible with every Ubuntu live ISO. Deepin Boot Maker’s user interface is attractive and intuitive (User Interface). Its primary purpose is to streamline the process of writing ISO images to USB drives. The Deepin Boot Maker can convert your pen drive into a bootable USB drive even if it is not functional.

Don’t know how to use Deepin Boot Maker to boot a usb? We find a YouTube video as a suggestion. If you want, you can check it throw this link:

5. ROSA ImageWriter

download rosa image writer

One of the best tools for writing ROSA installation images on a USB device is ROSA ImageWriter. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly turn an ISO or Image file into a bootable USB flash drive. Rufus can be replaced with ROSA ImageWriter because it writes image files to flash drives more quickly. ROSA makes use of hybrid files. This indicates that they include partition tables with boot records and ISO image headers, which are utilized for hard drives and flash sticks. The ROSA distribution is available as an ISO Image file that you can use on your Mac to create a bootable DVD or flash disk.

Don’t know how to use Rosa ImageWriter to boot a usb? We find a YouTube video as a suggestion. If you want, you can check it throw this link:

6. ISO Image Writer

download iso image writer

ISO Image Writer is a useful utility for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. ISO image writer is used to write ISO Image Files to SD Cards and USB Drives. Rufus’ replacement for Mac, ISO Image Writer, allows you to quickly create a bootable flash drive that runs the Mac OS. You can write ISO pictures and clean the USB drive using ISO Image Writer, which has a small window and a few key options. ISO Image Writer also verifies the digital signature of ISO files to produce a bootable USB flash drive. As a result of ISO Image Writer’s verification, the ISO Image you select will be secure for your Mac.

7. Install Disk Creator

download install disk creator

The last one is Install Disk Creator, a robust app for creating a bootable flash drive on Mac Operating System. It offers a straightforward interface for choosing the Flash Drive and the Mac OS Installer File. Install Disk Creator can replace with Rufus; it is free and has all the essential functionality. You may turn a USB media device into a fully bootable Mac OS installation with the Install Disk Creator App. For users with several Mac devices, it is beneficial. Cleaning up installations and reinstalling Mac OS on various Mac Systems is a chore they can easily handle.

Don’t know how to use Install Disk Creator to boot a usb? We find a YouTube video as a suggestion. If you want, you can check it throw this link:

8. UUByte

download uubyte

UUbyte is another provider alternative for Rufus. It’s ISO and DMG toolkit. You can use the utility tools to create an ISO image and burn and extract files on the USB flash drive. You will get this helpful tool on the trial and premium versions. Click here to download the UUByte MAC torrent file.

Don’t know how to use UUByte to boot a usb? We find a YouTube video as a suggestion. If you want, you can check it throw this link:


We describe every individual tool in as detail as possible. All the alternatives to Rufus for Mac have different features, but the work is the same, and all of them are great apps for creating a bootable USB drive. Now choose a single Mac system application and use it whenever you want to create a bootable flash drive. We also added YouTube videos from many individual YouTube content creators. You can check them if you need any help using those boot applications.

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