How to Fix Shadow on Laptop Screen (100% Effective)

Are you perplexed by the shadow on Laptop Screen on your computer? This happens if you find any black dots on the laptop screen. In this article, you can learn, why this black shadow appears on the laptop screen and how you can fix shadow on Laptop screen on your own.

A black shadow will appear on your laptop screen for several reasons such as physical damage, dead pixels, cable or connector issues, LCD panel problems, or other software-related factors. In that case, you need to identify the root cause and take effective steps to resolve this problem for maximum performance. Stay connected with us to get insights and guidance about how to get rid of the trouble and solve it yourself.

What is the Spot on A Laptop Screen?

Shadow on the Laptop screen will refer to a dark or shadowed mark on the display while the device is on. This appears in several ways like a tiny round scar, irregular-shaped shadow, or larger area of spot. Occasionally, you can see dark lights come out on the edge of the computer display. Moreover, there are a lot of reasons that cause black shadows on your computer display. This could hamper your hardware malfunctions, driver issues, faulty display, or software conflicts.

Why Do I See Shadows on My Computer Screen?

Before embarking on the resolution methods, it could be effective if you know the actual reasons behind this. There are multiple grounds that lead you to confront the issue. To know the proper causes of the problem can help you to resolve it easily. Let’s get a view of the reasons on your device:

Faulty Display Settings: The Windows operating system has the specific setting to operate your computer or laptop. If any misconfiguration takes place in the display settings then it can activate diverse issues like shadows on laptop screens. Therefore, resolving the misconfiguration in display settings can turn things right. 

Hardware Malfunction: One of the prime reasons for the dark shadow on computers is a hardware malfunction. To understand the hardware malfunctions is not so easy but this could easily be solved by a hardware expert. If the main reason for the black shadow on your computer screen is hardware malfunction then a hardware expert can make it okay within a shorter period. 

Software Conflicts: You may avoid the principal cause for occurring the shadows on your display, it can be software conflicts. This conflict of software usually happens when a program or app interferes with another program’s activity and you have to face this unwanted trouble.

Driver Issues: The Windows operating system automatically detects and installs the appropriate drivers that it matches. If it causes some issues after installation because it might not get any suitable drivers that’s the reason it causes Shadow on the computer display. In such a case, search and delete shadow monitors if you find this issue on your device. 

Environmental issues: Using the laptop in the suitable environment is very effective to get maximum performance. In a damp environment, you may confront the performance issues that cause shadow on your laptop as well. While you’re working in a sticky environment, there will be a possibility that a tiny droplet goes into the laptop display and causes multiple problems such as pixel malfunction, backlight issues, or more serious problems. In this event, you should set up the right environment to work and it will fix the issues that you don’t want to suffer. 

How to Get Rid of Shadow on the Computer Screen

In the previous part, we have clearly stated all the reasons that are responsible for occurring the shadow on the laptop screen. This problem arises when the display backlights fail to on. Get all the possible solutions here:

Gently Rcub on the Affected Place: As stated early, the defective backlight of a laptop or desktop causes a shadow on the screen. If your device has this specific reason then rubbing around the laptop screen will remove the shadows gradually.

Set up Laptop in a Durable Environment: Keeping healthy and effective performance of your devices, it should be placed in a stable environment and favorable circumstances. For example, if you work in a humid environment, this will create a negative impact on your device’s performance and health too. Consequently, if you are suffering from darkness on the computer display problems due to an unstable environment, then immediately move it to a durable place to resolve this problem.

Check Hardware Problems: It’s better to check your device’s hardware components regularly. Because faulty wires, defective display backlights, and display issues create shadows on desktop screens. If your device has hardware issues then resolve it instantly to skip the shadow display trouble.

Settle Software Conflicts: The software conflicts can prevent the usual functioning of your computer hardware and programs. If your device uses a third-party tool, then it’s very common that your device’s software raises software conflicts. Though the third-party utility tools are very effective for your daily work, they occasionally it can create issues to your software and hardware conflicts. To Avoid these conflicts and relevant problems, you must uninstall or disable those third-party applications. Pursue the below guides to disable or uninstall the third-party tools:

  • Press the Win+I simultaneously and it opens the Windows Settings.
  • Move to the Apps section and find the third-party tool from there.
  • While getting the application, tick on the three dots and mark Advanced Options from the menu.


  • After that, find the Terminate button and tap on it to disable the application. For uninstalling, you should do that from the same page.


Find and Delete the Shadow Monitors: Having a shadow monitor can lead you to the shadow display problem whether the operating system is freshly installed or not. Moreover, if you see this issue on your laptop then follow the below instructions to eliminate it.


  • Type Device Manager on your Windows Search Bar and click on to Open.
  • Click on the View option and select the Show Hidden Devices.

  • Then find the Monitor and click on the arrow sign. Right-click on the shadow monitor and tap the Uninstall Device option. (tick uninstall if you see any User Account Control Prompt)

Contact the Manufacturer Support Center: If you apply all the previous solutions to your computer to eliminate the problem but didn’t get the perfect result then it’s advisable to contact the manufacturer support center to repair the issue. Show the manufacturer company to get the stated benefits of the company if you have the warranty papers and it will help with screen replacement or repair without any additional costs for that. 

N.B: To learn how to fix install error – 0x80070103, click here.

Final Words

We have come to our final section and hopefully, you’ve successfully sorted out the shadow on a laptop screen, one of the effective solutions that we demonstrated. This is disgusting if your laptop screen contains gray haze, dark spots, or black shadow in it. Therefore, If you haven’t resolved the issue yet, it will be a wise decision to contact the manufacturer’s customer service with your warranty papers. Keep in mind always, to place your laptop in a stable environment to get the best output possible and getting a bright display is very necessary in this digital era. That’s enough for today, have a nice day.


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