How to Fix Windows Created Temporary Paging File [3 Ways]

How to Fix Windows Created Temporary Paging File

Isn’t it irritating to receive the Windows created temporary paging file error when you start your computer or modify some settings? This error message is disturbing for a PC user, Don’t be hopeless! This problem is possible to fix by following some methods mentioned in this article. When you are trying to boot up or change some settings in your computer, you may encounter a paging file error like this:

“Windows created a temporary paging file on your computer because of a problem that occurred with your paging file configuration when you started your computer. The total paging file size for all disk drivers may be somewhat larger than the size you specified”.

This error is associated with pagefile.sys. Most of the time, it occurred because of a corrupted system file. In this case, when you start your computer Windows thinks it creates a new pagefile.sys. 

Mostly, Windows 7 users report this issue but Windows 10 users also face this error issue. Fortunately, you can quickly settle this issue by following our instructions.

Why Does Windows Create Temporary Page Files When RAM is Available?

If you are thinking, why does Windows create temporary paging files when RAM is available? Here is some reason:

Inadequate RAM: Windows need adequate memory to run applications. When it became insufficient, Windows created a paging file as an alternative option to run the program smoothly without crashing.

Active too many programs: When you run too many applications simultaneously, your computer memory gets overloaded. Paging files happen for lack of memory in your computer; that’s one reason to create a temporary paging file.

Unusual Shutdown: If you are working on a file and not getting enough time to save before the system crashes, Windows creates a temporary page file to store the document until you can save it.

The paging file only stores something for a short time; It’s a place where Windows stores some files temporarily. Unless something happens, there’s no reason to see your content in the paging file.

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How to Fix Windows Created Temporary Paging File: Possible Methods

There are many methods to fix this issue. We have discussed three effective methods to fix your temporary page file creation issue. To start this process, restart your computer to fix this problem.

Setup Paging File

Misconfigured virtual memory setting is one of the main reasons for temporary paging file creation. You may face this problem after changing virtual memory settings or trying to change the location of the paging file. 

If you never change virtual memory, you should check it, as other software may have changed this setting. Look at below how you can check and set up proper virtual memory settings:

  1. Click Win+R to open the Run dialogue box.
  1. Type systempropertiesadvanced in the search bar to open System Properties.
  1. In the Advanced tab, click on Setting under the Performance box.
  1. Then go to the Advanced tab under Performance Option, and click on Change under the Virtual Memory box.
  1. Unmark the tick of Automatically Manage Paging Files Size for All Drives
  1. Make sure the paging files are in the drive that contains the Windows Operating System.
  1. Select the System Manage Size option in the paging file size (You can select No paging file when you have a lot of RAM).
  1. You can set Custom Size, but it is best to leave the default option.
  1. The paging file size should be set in Megabytes, not in Gigabytes
  1. If you don’t want to customize anything, select the Automatically Managed Paging Files Size.

Check if any problem still appears or not. If it can not fix the issue, move on to the next one.

Run System File Checker

It is possible that an error occurred from corrupted system files. The system File checker or SFC can restore errors automatically. To do this process, follow these:

  1. To open the Window, Click Win+R 
  1. Type cmd and write ctrl+shift+enter to open the Command Prompt option. Now, type Yes to permit administrator access.
  1. In Command Prompt Windows, type sfc /scannow, then click Enter.
  1. After finishing the verification, restart your computer.
  1. If you see the error message again, then follow the steps below. 
  1. Click Win+R to open the Window.
  1. Type cmd and press ctrl+shift+enter to open Command Prompt.
  1. In the Command Prompt, type Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth and click Enter
  1. After finishing the scan, restart your computer and do another SFC scan (sfc /scannow) in the same Command Prompt and complete the verification process again. If it is not working, then move to the next method.

Disable the Audio File

Audio File System Driver or AFS allows Windows to read Audio CDs with music and shows the tracks as individual files. Due to a bug, Windows can’t read the disk and make a paging file, and it causes Windows to create a temporary paging file error.

This method only works if you have an AFS driver installed on your computer. If it is right to give up listening to music from CDs on your computer, try this one. We have also mentioned how you can turn the Audio File System back on your computer.

  1. Click Win+R to open the Window.
  1. Type cmd and press ctrl+shift+enter to open Command Prompt, and click Yes to go to Command Box.
  1. Then type or paste sc config afs start= disabled. If you are typing commands, then make sure to type all spaces and characters properly.
  1. Close the Command Prompt and restart your computer. If the error message is not seen, you have successfully resolved this issue.
  • To turn back the Audio File System, follow Steps 1 and Step 2. 
  • Type sc config afs start= enabled on the Command box. 

If it gives a notification The specified service does not exist as an installed device, it means you don’t have an AFS driver installed. 


We have covered all the possible solutions to this Windows Created Temporary Paging File issue. By following these guidelines, you can solve your temporary paging file creation comfortably. Still, if you don’t understand, you can check this youtube video. If we miss some important information to share with you, you are welcome to share your suggestions in the comment section. That’s all for today. Have a good day.


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