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Office 2021 Professional Plus Activator – Free Office 2021 Keys

Office 2021 pro plus activator

Office 2021 professional plus activator is a tool or command that can help you to activate your software, whether you fail to activate Office 2021 Professional Plus with a license key or the application is automatically don’t activated. The blog post will clarify how to activate Office 2021 Professional Plus. 

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus is the latest and most used Office suite worldwide. The Productive Office suite includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more advanced applications that are the solution for offices, homes, educational and money complex work. While the software is purchased from Microsoft or authorized resellers, you need a valid license key to activate Office 2021 pro plus, but some people may be tempted to use an activator to bypass it. Though it’s possible to activate the software with a third-party tool, using an activator can have several risks and disadvantages that users should be aware of.

In the following guide, we will cover how to activate Microsoft Office without product key by using an activator, besides knowing about the possible risks and disadvantages of using an activator and why you need a valid Office 2021 license key from verified sellers.

Why you Need to Activate Office 2021 Professional Plus

Office 2021 Professional Plus is a licensed-based group of office applications that you can purchase from Microsoft and other authorized sellers. During the purchasing time, you owned a valid product license key that was needed to activate the software on your device. But you can’t use all the software’s full features if you use a third-party activator. Sometimes, you only use the software during the trial period. After the end of the trial period, you can’t use the Office software anymore. 

How Do you Confirm that your Office is not Activated?

You need to input a product key when you install your Office application. But if you forget to activate the software during installation, you can check it later. Open any of your Office applications, and you can see the file option on the top left side. Click on the account options from the bottom left side. You can see a message on the screen. The product is unlicensed, like the image below.

Why you Need the Help of an Office 2021 Professional Plus Activator 

Office 2021 professional plus activator is crucial when you purchase a product from unauthorized sellers without a genuine license key. Another reason behind choosing an activator is whether you install software but don’t have the license key or cannot purchase a license key at a cheap price. In this case, use the software illegally; you force the Office 2021 professional plus with third-party tools or system commands to run the software on your operating system. Stop here for a moment though you can run Office 2021 professional plus on your device; it has some security issues. 

What are the Disadvantages of Using Office 2021 Professional Plus Activator

Using an activator or any unauthorized method to activate Office 2021 Professional Plus can have several disadvantages. Below we will make you aware of some risks and disadvantages of using Office 2021 pro plus activator: 

Legal Issues: All authentic software has its user’s license key to use it legally. Using a third-party activator to activate Office 2021 Professional Plus is illegal and can have legal consequences if caught. It is important to obtain a valid license to avoid legal issues.

Security Risks: Nowadays, many unauthorized companies sell pirated and invalid digital products online. Activators can be downloaded from unreliable sources and may contain malware or viruses that can harm your computer or compromise your whole operating system’s security. These risks can be avoided by obtaining a genuine license from a trusted source.

Limited Functionality: You may miss some essential functionality when you use an activation. Because activators may provide a different level of functionality than a genuine license. As a result, some features may be permanently disabled or not work properly, which could limit your productivity and efficiency.

No Updates or Support: You are permanently locked on backdated for using the activator. Because activators can not provide access to updates or technical support. The regular Office update fixes the issues and optimization the software to provide a better user experience. When you use an activator, the Office 2021 professional plus leaves your software vulnerable to bugs, security vulnerabilities, and other major security issues.

Unreliable: Using an activator to activate Office 2021 pro plus is unstable because it’s possible to crash your software. Sometimes activators may not work reliably or stop working after a certain period. The end result is you lose your data or work, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. 

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How Many Ways can you activate Office 2021 Professional Plus

You decide to activate Office 2021 Professional Plus with an activator; there are several ways you can do it: 

  • Activate Office 2021 Professional Plus with KMS Pico
  • Activate Office 2021 Profesional Plus with Command Prompt

Activate Office 2021 Professional Plus with KMS Pico

KMS Pico is a popular tool to activate Office 2021 pro plus without any cost. You can easily activate the software by following the process:

Download Process of KMS Pico

  • Switch on your computer device and open your internet browser.
  • Visit the KMS website or use the direct link to Download KMS Pico software.
  • After downloading the tool, navigate the Zip file on your device.
  • Extract the zip folder with a zip file extract software.

Preparation before installing the KMS Pico

Before installing the KMS Pico, you must change the Firewall and Antivirus settings. You need to set up the following settings to install it successfully:

  • Go to the Windows security option by navigating the steps: Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows security
  • Then click on the Virus & Threat Protection option
  • From the next screen, click on the manage setting option under the Virus & threat protection option
  • Switched off the Toggle button of Real-time protection

The installation process of KMS Pico

  • Locate the software folder on your computer
  • Double-click on the folder to jump inside the folder
  • Again double, click on the setup file and press Yes from the next Window
  • Copy and paste the password and press the Ok button
  • Press the next button from the next screen
  • Then select I accept the agreement and press the next button
  • Select the destination folder where you want to install and press next
  • It takes some time to install the software successfully

Activate your Office 2021 Pro Plus with KMS Pico

Now it’s time to activate your software with KMS Pico. Follow the below step to make a successful activation: 

  • Go to the start menu and write Kmspico on the search bar
  • Click on the open option and press Yes from the next Window
  • The Kmspico software will automatically detect your software that needs to activate
  • Select the Office application and press the Red button.
  • It takes a few seconds to activate the Office 2021 Pro plus

Activate Office 2021 Pro Plus with Command Prompt

You can also activate your office application with the command prompt. You need to follow the process to make a successful activation: 

  • Open your start menu and type Cmd.exe into the search field
  • Navigate the Command prompt on your computer and select the “Run as Administrator” options
  • Copy the command cd \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office21 and paste it on the command on the field  
  • Press enter button and again copy-paste the command:
cscript ospp.VBS /inpkey: <key>
E. G.
cscript ospp.VBS /inpkey: XQNVK-8JYDB-WJ9W3-YJ8YR-WFG99
  • Now press enter button. (Note: If this key does not work we have a list of free Office 2021 keys, you can try them.
  • Now your office pro plus 2021 will be successfully activated.

Ensure your Office 2021 Pro Plus Successfully Activate

When you confirm that your Office 2021 pro plus has successfully activated with KMS Pico, you can check it quickly by following the process:

  • Open any Microsoft Office application like Word
  • Go to topbar and click on the File menu from the top left side
  • Then click on the account option from the below-left side
  • You can see the message Product Activated with your product name Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 

Note: We discourage you from activating the Office 2021 pro plus by using an activator. Following the process, you can successfully activate your product, but there is a lot of security concern. You can read How to download, install and activate Office 2021 pro plus with a genuine license key. 


Office 2021 pro plus is a popular tool worldwide and is not a free application. You can purchase the product keys at a cheap rate from our store. Yet if you can’t buy the product for a high price, you can download, install and activate Office 2021 pro plus with third-party tools. We described the two different processes of Kmspico and commanded a prompt to activate the software. Hopefully, you learned how to activate the Office 2021 pro plus when you can’t purchase a genuine product key. 

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