How to Convert DBF File to Excel [5 Easy Ways]

How to Convert DBF File to Excel [5 Easy Ways]

DBF is a file format where we get several database management systems like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Microsoft Access and more DBMS. After saving a (.dbf) file, we generally can’t see the DBF file outside the database management system. You can’t export any file format from the database management system that will be supported and viewed on other software or tools. Being share and view the DBF file simultaneously, you need to convert the file into different file formats like CSV, ODS, HTML, PDF, TXT, XLS, and XLSX. etc. that are supported by most devices and software.

If you are looking for a solution to view the DBF file, this article guides you on converting a DBF file to an Excel file format.

How to Convert DBF file to Excel On Windows 11

If you are a windows 11 user, you can easily convert a DBF file to an excel file format. The process of converting the DBF file to excel on windows 11, windows 10 and windows 7 is the same. To convert the dbf file to excel, you need an updated Microsoft office version. Office 2013 and the earlier version of Microsoft Office don’t support database files. 

Usually, you can convert DBF files to excel with different software and online converters. Here are the 5 easy ways you can follow to convert the DBF file to Excel:

  1. You can convert a DBF file to Microsoft Excel and save different file formats.
  2. Use Open source and Free LibreOffice to convert DBF files to Excel
  3. Use third-party tool DBF Viewer Plus to convert DBF to Excel
  4. Use WPS Office to convert DBF file to Excel File
  5. Use online tools coolutils to convert DBF files to Excel.

Convert DBF File to Excel Using Microsoft Excel

You can easily open, view, edit, share, and download database files on Microsoft Excel. You can save the file in different formats like XML, CSV, Pdf, DIF, Text, and many other formats. After opening the DBF file, Microsoft Excel lets you edit the file with almost all tools like insert, format, filter, formula, table, and all essential elements. 

If you already have a dbf file on your device, you can modify the file on ms excel quickly. To convert the DBF file to Excel file format, follow the steps: 

  • First, open the dbf file on your Microsoft Excel application. To do that select the file from your device storage and click on the open button.
how to convert dbf file to excel
  • You can see the following interface if the file is supported on MS excel.
  • Now you can edit yourself on the spreadsheet. To save the file, go to the File option from the sidebar and click on the Save option.
dbf to excel
  • A dialogue box will open and you need to select the file format you want to save.
  • For example, click on Pdf format and then the save button to save the DBF file to a Pdf file on Excel. 

Use LibreOffice To Convert DBF File to Excel

LibreOffice is an open-source and free tool that you can use to open a dbf file and convert it into an excel file. If you want to convert the dbf file to excel on LibreOffice, follow the process:

  • Download the LibreOffice tools from the official website
  • Open the dbf file on the LibreOffice software. 
  • Go to the Save as an option and export the DBF file on Excel file to different formats.

Use DBF Viewer Plus to Convert DBF to Excel

DBF Viewer Plus is a small tool famous for viewing dbf files. Besides, this tool allows you to edit the DBF file and save the dbf file to different excel formats CSV, XML, TXT etc. If you are going to convert DBF to excel by DBF viewer plus, follow the process:

  • Download the DBF viewer plus on your device. 
  • Open the downloaded file on your operating system.
convert dbf to excel
  • After opening the software, you need to import a DBF file. Select the open option from the top bar, select the file you want to import and click the open button to import the file.
dbf file to excel
  • You can see the file opened on the software if the file is supported. 
  • To save the file in excel file format, go to the file menu and click on the export button.
  • Then you will see a dialogue box. To convert the file to an excel file, select the format you want and hit the save button. 

Use WPS Office to Convert DBF File to Excel File

You can use the WPS Office application to convert the Dbf file to an Excel file. The software can convert the file format with different format of excel. You can also edit the database file. Now let’s check out the process of how you can convert DBF file to an Excel File using WPS Office:

  • Download and install the WPS Office for your windows device. 
how to convert dbf file into excel
  • Open the software and import a DBF file you want to convert from your device storage.
  • Before saving the file, you can edit as needed, click on the file option, and then Save as. 
how to open dbf file in excel
  • Select the file format you want to convert & click on the save button.

Use Online Tools Coolutils to Convert DBF Files to Excel.

Coolutils is a free online tool where you can convert a DBF file to an excel file without cost. You can do the whole process very quickly. You need internet access on your device and the dbf file that you want to modify. Let’s check out the process of how you convert dbf file to an excel file:

  • First, go to the official website of Coolutils and Find Dbf to Excel converter.
  • If you don’t find the option, you can get the direct link by clicking here.
dbf to excel online
  • Upload your dbf file by clicking the dropdown box and waiting for the uploading process complete.
  • Then select the file format, and you will find a list of excel file formats from the sidebar.
  • Click on the Download converted file to complete the download process.


Dbf file isn’t supported on excel files by default. Nowadays, many solutions have come to convert DBF files into different excel formats. This article has covered the five easy ways you can convert a dbf file to excel and save it on your device. We will describe how you can convert dbf files from the software and online tools. We hope you get the solution how to convert dbf file to excel. 

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