How to Remove Grayed Out Pin from Windows 11

Remove Grayed Out Pin

Windows Hello PIN is beneficial to ensure crucial security on your device. Once you sign in on your device with Windows 11 operating system, you will get several sign-in options, including face recognition, fingerprint, password, PIN, etc. On Windows 11, you will automatically get the windows hello setting that ensures your device security by using a PIN and password of your Microsoft account password.

If you want to change your sign-in option, you must change the setting on your device’s sign-in options. You will be astonished whenever you want to set a different sign-in option or remove the security PIN(Windows Hello), you face trouble because you will see the Remove option grayed out inside the setting. That’s why you can’t be able to change the PIN and setting. Don’t worry; this issue is easy to solve. We will share how to remove Greyed Out PIN Option in Windows 11. 

Best Way to Remove Grayed Out PIN Option on Windows 11

You can remove the security PIN and fix the grayed-out PIN option several ways on your windows 11-supported device. Now we are going to share the best process to solve the problems:

1. Disable the Windows Hello Sign-In Option Recommended Option

By default, when you sign in to your Microsoft account on your windows 11 device, you will automatically be on the recommended option. By disabling the recommendation setting, you can fix the problem quickly. You can follow the steps to turn off the setting:

  • Go to the taskbar and right click on the start menu and then select the setting option.
  • Now select the Accounts option from the left side primary menu and choose the Sign-in options to manage all the settings.
how to remove pin from windows 11
  • Click on the PIN (Windows Hello) category, and you will see the Remove PIN option was grayed out. 
  • To fix the issue, scroll down and find out the Additional setting option.
  • Under the additional setting, the Windows Hello Sing-in recommended section was turned on. 
  • Disable the recommended button and close the setting window and reopen it.
  • Now go to the Change PIN option again, and you can remove the sign-in option.

2. Disable Passwordless Microsoft Account

As you already saw, the remove PIN button grayed out; you can fix the issue by disabling the passwordless Microsoft Account. If you want to change the setting, follow the process:

turn off pin windows 11
  • Go to the Account setting from the setting menu.
  • Click on the Your info tab and click on the Account (manage your Account) option from the next window.
  • The command will bring you to your Microsoft account inside.
  • You will see a security tab on the top bar; click on the security option to go to the inside of the setting.
  • On the next screen, you will notice Advanced security options; click on the screen
  • You will see the Additional Security option on the screen and see the passwordless account option will – turn on 
  • Click on the button to turn off the setting and restart your device.
  • Now go to the PIN(Windows Hello) setting and see the Remove button working well.  

3.Use the I Forgot MY PIN Feature to Fix the Reove PIN Greyed Out.

Still, now that the remove pin button isn’t working, you can use another trick. Use the I forgot my PIN features to get the solution:

remove pin windows 11
  • Whenever your device is getting from sleep mode or powered off, you will see the option of I forgot my PIN; click on this option.
  • Or you can get the I forgot my PIN option by navigating Settings>Acounts>Sign-in options>PIN(Windows Hello) and under this option, you will see I forgot my PIN. 
  • Click the option(I forgot my PIN) and press the Continue button from the next screen.
  • Next, window Microsoft will send you a verification code on your Microsoft account email, enter the code and press the OK button.
  • On the next screen, you will set a New PIN, but you need to press the cancel button to fix the issue. 
  • Close the dialogue box and restart your device.
  • Now you can get access to the remove button.

We hope you fix the grayed-out remove button if you follow the steps.

How to Remove Pin from Windows

We also share how you can remove your PIN from your windows 11 Device. Once the option is restored, follow these steps to remove Windows Hello PIN from the Settings App:

how to remove pin from windows 11
Follow this to remove pin, if the pin is not grayed out.
  • Go to the Remove PIN button by navigating Settings>Accounts>Sign-in options>PIN(Windows Hello) options.
  • Click on the Remove button and you will get a message (Are you sure you want to remove your PIN?)
  • Click again Remove button to take the PIN removing action.
  • On the next window, you will see a dialogue box. You must input your Microsoft account password and click the OK button to remove the PIN successfully.


When you remove the windows hello PIN from your windows 11 device, you may face the greyed-out Remove button. We discussed the easy and best ways to fix the grayed-out Remove PIN Option. Besides, at the bottom part of this article, we shared how you can easily remove the PIN(Windows Hello). Hopefully, now you can solve the grayed-out remove button as well.

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