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Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail – Which One Is Better?

Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail

Are you in the dilemma of using Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail? Not able to make a decision about choosing one of them! Don’t worry, we are here to discuss this issue about which is the best pick for you and hopefully, you will get a solution through this post.

Generally, Outlook and Apple Mail are well-known email clients for individuals and businesses. That’s why Mac users often face the trouble of selecting one of them. Before making a choice about these two, you should know their review in detail and also be aware of the criteria. This article will provide you with a comparison between Outlook and Apple Mail and it will assist you in making a decision of what is actually perfect for you to utilize. 

Comparison Criteria between Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail

To Get a better solution we should set some criteria to make a comparison. Here below, you can see some benchmarks which are relevant to compare exactly, which app is better for you to get an optimal performance. These are:

  • Features and Benefits
  • User Interface
  • CPU Usage
  • Compatible with Platform
  • Pricing Details

Features and Benefits

In terms of features and benefits, Microsoft Outlook has an organized inbox system and quickly finds information benefits that an advanced user might expect. Whereas, Apple Mail has met the users’ requirement with an average quality. To learn more details about it, look below:


Outlook has productivity aspects and having it on your device could make your task more efficient than before. It’s an application of Microsoft Office and has continuous attachments with other tools, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and more. With Outlook, you will get a built-in calendar for setting up scheduled meetings and upcoming events. You can make a task list for follow-up emails and include reminders for meetings to make your daily life organized. Outlook has a focused inbox where you can store your important emails and the other part of the inbox stores general emails. Some latest facets which you should see:

Mention your targeted people: It’s easy to add people whom you want, type @, and the name of the people. This includes the individual immediately and they will be notified of this mention. 

Scheduling Email and Meetings: Having Outlook, you can schedule email for sending to the time you have fixed. Arrange meetings and keep reminders to attend the meeting on time. 

Find Email Quickly: When you open Outlook, you will find the search bar in there. Whatever message you need, find those emails by the search bar in no time.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail also integrates other functions, such as Notes, Contacts, Calendar, and more. Using Apple Mail, you can also create notes and schedule events. You will have many essential features like spam filters, quick search, and scheduled emails with Apple Mail but compared to Outlook it’s not as rich as Outlook. You will get advantages if you utilize Outlook for basic functionalities with average performance.

User Interface

An excellent interface is very crucial to attract users for work, especially for new users who steer the platform. Both the Mail have a simple interface but some issues we found in the advanced customize options that we discuss further. Keep reading to explore the benefits and shortcomings:


Outlook has an average interface because it prioritizes functions over others. The most exciting aspect of this platform is allowing users to customize themes, colors, and fonts, it is more favorable to those who like to use fascinating views. Infinite numbers of inboxes in Outlook users can utilize and customize in their own way how it is looked. 

Although Outlook has an average interface; it looks disorganized because multiple buttons and icons appear. Navigating this platform is slightly difficult because of the lack of segmentations it has, otherwise, It is okay to utilize for advanced usage.

Apple Mail

As you read earlier, Apple Mail has a handy and simple interface. You may flag the important emails, sort emails and delete them also but compared with others, you can see some shortage in customization. It causes frustration for those who need to personalize the interface to their own. Also, you will experience syncing problems that require a refresh to see the new email.

Apple Mail has a combined inbox system where you can see several accounts in one place. You will find no inbox limit on registering businesses or people, it will be beneficial to all who can add multiple business email addresses to their Mac.

CPU Usage

This is an important element to consider before using both email clients. If you have a shortage in CPU resources then think of the task management capacity. You need to use email service daily and it takes a lot of CPU as well, so you should think of it first.


Microsoft Outlook is integrated with Microsoft 365 (known previously as Office 365) and it requires huge CPU space to operate. For this reason, if you have an insufficient Central Processing Unit then it’s better to use a lighter email client for smooth functions.

Apple Mail

In contrast to Outlook, Apple Mail is lighter in terms of taking up CPU resources. This email is integrated with the Mac operating system and contains basic software. Users of this email client don’t perform any complicated tasks, use it for sending emails and reading the emails that it receives. So, this email client is suitable to operate in the shortage of a CPU system.

Compatible with Platform

Another important thing is platform compatibility where you can compare both email clients’ effectiveness. Outlook has surpassed Apple Mail in this regard; because Apple Mail is only compatible with the Mac operating system. Read more below:


You can download and utilize Outlook across all operating systems and devices as well. It is accessible to web browsers because Outlook has a web application. is an email service of Outlook, but using it through different email addresses like Gmail, and Apple Mail is also available to their email client. Add unlimited email addresses and manage through this one platform. 

Apple Mail

Different from Outlook and other email clients, Apple Mail is found on devices that are made by Apple. Apple-provided devices like Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones are compatible with this Apple Mail. Other email addresses (Gmail, Outlook) are also manageable from one place.

Pricing Details

Pricing is an important fact to know if you need advanced features for your work. In this segment, you will know the free limit and advanced pricing of your email services. Have a look:


There are no separate pricing plans for Outlook and it is integrated with Microsoft Office Suite. Its web-based service is completely free of cost and the limit of free service is up to 15 GB storage. Outlook has a paid version as well and users get 1 TB of storage, a custom domain, and more. To know the paid plan prices, look here:

  1. Office 2021 Home 
  2. Business
  3. Enterprise

You can buy cheap office license keys for your Mac device from our official reseller store. We guarantee genuine Mac Office license keys and software.

Apple Mail

It’s an inbuilt email service that is available to all Apple, iOS, or Mac operating systems and is offered free of cost. Apple Mail doesn’t offer a paid version for its users and does not sell to non-Apple customers. 

Which One Should Choose from Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail?

Finally, we have come to a solution. Apple or Mac Mail is an application with a simple input and output mail system. Using it with an easy system, free, and a lot of ways makes your mail communication effortless. 

Other hand, Microsoft Outlook has a complicated system for those who are new to using it. If you are searching for a professional platform and better productivity suite then Microsoft Outlook has it all. To get this, you should buy a subscription.

Not to worry if you don’t want to use both of the apps, You have many apps, such as Gmail, Blue Mail, Thunderbird, and more.


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