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Difference Between MS Office Standard and Office Professional

Difference Between MS Office Standard and Office Professional

Do you know about the difference between MS Office Standard and Office Professional? Which variant is better to use, and why is it? This post will enlighten you following the issue, and reading this whole article will clarify your confusion about them.

The Office is a renowned software package of Microsoft. Microsoft perpetually released different versions of Office in the market, and one version has several variants. Office Standard and Office Professional Edition are the two of them. In the same version, you have the same updates available for all the editions, but there will be some differences; some versions have many features while others have fewer. Keep reading this blog post; you will know all the details about these two editions.

Microsoft Office Standard

Microsoft Office Standard assembles all essential Microsoft applications that are designed to work together to magnify work efficiently. This edition is supported on one PC or Mac, which integrates the classic versions of Office. Take a look:

  • Excel: Excel is a spreadsheet application that assists you in visualizing data and applying the best-suited charts with the data. It is built on the same ground as Excel 2019, and you have known keyboard shortcuts to run this program.
  • OneNote: In your Office Suite, OneNote works as a digital notebook. You can capture ideas and thoughts and store them on your device. You can log in to your OneNote account from any device. OneNote helps you to share notes with your family, friends, and others for various purposes.
  • Outlook: Outlook applications assist you in controlling your personal information or programs in a disciplined system. It has two inboxes where important emails are only stored, and the other stores only normal messages. You can manage your calendar, schedule meetings, and contacts with others through Outlook, which is simple and quick.
  • PowerPoint: PowerPoint helps you to create a professional-looking presentation and provides control over it. Office Standard has diagrams, images, text, animation, and transitional effects to create beautiful slides for your work.
  • Publisher: In your Office Standard edition, Publisher generates business cards, greeting cards, and various professional publications. It has numerous color schemes and drawing toolbars to create different designs.
  • Word: If you need word-processing software with all the updated writing and reviewing techniques, then Word is a good choice for you. With this app, creating a professional document is effortless, and it has multiple advanced features that assist you in producing the best documents. 

Microsoft Office Professional 

Microsoft Office Professional has similar updated applications that Office Standard contains. Still, it has additional applications suitable for big companies or businesses to operate their huge data in an organized way. How you can benefit from having a Microsoft Office Professional: you will understand this by reading these segments carefully. This part includes the applications and their features to illustrate their importance. Have a look:

  • Outlook: Office Professional has Outlook as the Standard edition with the same upgraded features and benefits. You can manage emails, calendars, and contacts synchronized with this app. 
  • Word: Microsoft Word is used to create professional-looking documents because of its robust writing and reviewing quality. It has design tabs that you can apply to create better layouts, colors, and fonts.
  • Excel: If you want to visualize information with your preferred charts that are suited to your data, then Excel is the ultimate solution for your work. It has familiar keyboard shortcuts like the previous version with new and improved functions, and charts make your task easier with this edition. 
  • PowerPoint: The best presentation software provides you with the best transitions, animation pane, and design to decorate your presentations. This professional variant provides control over your presentations while presenting to the audience.
  • OneNote: Now, capture your ideas and thoughts with the OneNote digital notebook. You can access your saved ideas from any device. OneNote search engines help you find the notes and texts that you stored. Also, it allows you to share your notebooks with others.
  • Publisher: Microsoft introduces Publisher in Office Suite for creating a variety of publications, business cards, greeting cards, and calendars. It has many color schemes and a drawing toolbar as well. 
  • Access: Office Professional has an Access application you don’t find in the Standard edition. Access allows you to build a database and share it in seconds easily. You just put the information; Access will do the rest.
  • Skype for Business: This is a communication tool for online meetings and business communication whether you and your team are not attending in the Office. It can assist you in doing Instant messaging, VOIP, file transfers, and email. 

Applications Comparison Between Office Standard and Professional

Though you’ve seen the specifications of MS Office Standard and Office Professional, we want to add an overview of their applications comparison in this part. This view will support you in getting a quick summary of these two applications:

ApplicationsOffice Standard Office Professional 
AccessNot AvailableAvailable 
Skype for BusinessNot AvailableAvailable

What’s the Difference Between Microsoft Office Professional and Standard?

MS Office Standard and Office Professional are two common variants of Microsoft Office. Both are useful for users to create professional documents, presentations, assignments, reports, and so on. But These two editions also have some differences, which makes one more productive than another.

Office Professional and Office Standard have similar applications, but two more apps will be available in Microsoft Office Professional, such as Skype for Business and Access for more productivity. Skype for Business will help you to connect and collaborate with your team members or colleagues from remote places to make your work more productive and efficient. On the other hand, Access is a relational database management system that assists you in manipulating huge data management from various sources. 

These are the differences between Microsoft Office editions. You can see these versions have some contrasts but can help you to create reports, presentations, and more in different ways.

Which One will you choose?

We can’t make a decision without knowing your necessities about Office Suite, but we can help you recommend the best version generally. You already know about the difference between MS Office Standard and Office Professional. Microsoft Office Professional has more functions and is widely used for big companies; so, if you need an Office Suite with full aspects, then Office Professional is the right pick for you. Otherwise, if you want to use Microsoft Office for normal use like home and small or medium Business, then Office Standard is the better choice.

Now, it’s your call to choose the right one. We believe if you read this post, it will help you to take the suitable edition that you need to improve your work.

Final Words

Reading this whole post will enlighten you about the differences between MS Office Standard and Office Professional. We hope now you can easily choose what is the right edition for your device, and to enjoy the full specifications of Microsoft Office, you need a product key to activate. In that case, consider Mscdkeys, as it offers you license keys at such an affordable price. If you have queries regarding this issue, you can reach us through email, which you can find on our contact page. Signing off for today. Wishing you a great day.

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