How to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark [5 Easy Ways]

How to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Windows supports the most helpful productivity software and tools from home to business. Day by day the era of using windows has spread widely. But sometimes, we face a watermark problem while using or opening windows devices. The Notification is annoying and unpleasant because it always appears at the bottom right of the computer screen. This article will cover what Windows watermark is, why Windows watermark appears on the screen and how to get rid of Activate Windows watermark on Windows 10 & 11. 

What is the Activate Windows Watermark?

The Windows Activate Watermark is a sign for a Windows user to determine whether a pirated, expired or disabled windows is being used. The Microsoft company discourages users from using illegal Windows and stamps the Activate Windows watermark on Windows for those using pirated Windows.

How to Detect Windows Activate Watermark

Windows Activate watermark is easy to detect. A Windows user usually sees this Notification at the bottom right of the screen. It looks transparent and white, like a png image. The Watermark is always pinned to the screen. While working on another screen, tab, or window, the watermark always appears in the same position.

how to get rid of windows activation

What are the reasons behind showing the Windows Activate Watermark?

Windows Activate Watermark shows on the computer screen not only a single reason but also there were a lot of different issues behind showing the Notification. Now we will describe the probable reason to show the watermark on the window screen.

1. Invalid Product Key: 

An invalid product key is a principal reason to show the windows activate notification on the front screen. If someone uses an inappropriate product key, the problem appears on the windows start Notification. Sometimes, if you use a free license key collected from an unauthorized website, Microsoft not allows the wrong or invalid key to activate the windows.

2. Product Key and Version Mismatch

Sometimes you can face the problem of product key and version mismatches. That means you cannot activate Windows 10 with Windows 11 license key and cannot activate Windows 11 with Windows 10 key. Because Microsoft company provides a license key for specific versions and the program authorizes the product’s license key with the same version of Windows. Make sure you have a product key that matches the version you use.

3. Forget To Activate Windows with The Product Activation Key

Sometimes you can able to install windows on your device without a product key. That means you can skip inputting the product key when you install windows on your device. However, you have successfully installed windows without a license. But at the end of the result, you must face the problem of activating windows notifications. You can’t get released from the pain if you forget or skip inputting the genuine license key when starting the windows.   

Why you need to Remove the Activate Windows Watermark

If you skip the watermark without resolving it or think it is just a watermark, you are wrong. Because it’s a sign of unverified windows so as a result, you can not use all the functionality of original licensed windows. If you don’t remove the watermark, you will miss many important security and essential features of Windows. The main reasons you need to remove the watermark:  

  • You don’t use the windows defender firewall feature if you can’t remove the windows watermark. Besides, you are not able to use the security feature of windows. 
  • Windows support the Microsoft office suite, but if you can’t activate windows, you can’t use the Microsoft office application on your windows device.
  • Windows regularly came with new updated features to increase the productivity of their users. Only licensed windows users get the tips and can use the updated features. So to use the new features, you must remove the activated windows with a genuine product key.
  • Windows allow customizing the theme and settings to make a better user-friendly interface on a device. But if you do not activate windows with a key or still do not remove the activate windows watermark, you can’t modify the setting as per your requirement. 

All these are the main reason to remove the Watermark from your windows screen. A Windows user always wants to be able to use all its features. If users install windows with a key or remove the active Windows watermark, it’s easy to use all the features of windows. So removing the Activate Windows watermark is very important for a regular user.

How to get rid of Activate Windows Watermark?

You can fix the activated windows watermark in several ways. We will now describe almost all possible best ways to remove the watermark. 

1. Activate Windows with a Product Key:

  1. After installing a windows operating system on your device, you need the original product key(If you need a cheap windows product key, you can visit our shop. We are a certified reseller of Microsoft)
  2. Use the product key from the update and security section of the setting menu.
  3. Go to the Setting> Update & Security > Activation > Change product key


4. Input the product key and press the OK button to remove the watermark.

2. Optimize Visual Display:

You can able to change the significant change in the operating system by the optimize visual display setting. This Setting allows to deletion of the windows activation watermark also. 

  • First, go to the start menu and click the setting menu to open all the Settings of the option on your device. 
  • Then type the Optimize Visual Display on the search box of the setting menu. 
activate windows 10 watermark
  • Find out the “Optimize Visual Display and click to open it. 
  • Scroll down, checkmark the Remove background image option, and hit the ok button.
remove activate windows watermark

  • You also go to the Setting by navigating the following options Control panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make the computer easier to see

3. Use NotePad Script:

Using a Notepad script you can also remove the watermark. To do this process:

  • First, open the NotePad application on your browser. Copy and paste the text on the notepad.
“@echo off
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe
watermark removal

  • Then save the file as the name of Activate.bat and select the Save as type format All files

    how to activate windows 10 free permanently

    • In the next step, click the right button of the mouse on the file and select Run as administrator. 
    • Then restart your computer device and you will see the watermark issue of activating windows will be fixed. 

    4. Disable Windows Notification and Action:

    By disabling the windows notification & action, you will quickly release the activated windows watermark problem. 

    • Go to the setting menu of your device and click on the system. 
    • You will find Notification and action on the left sidebar of the screen and click to open the Setting. 
    • Uncheck or disable the two options below.
    windows 10 activation remover

    • Now you can’t see the Activate windows notification on your screen.

    5. Use the Windows Watermark Removal Tool:

    Now a day, you can find many applications to remove windows watermark. Universal Watermark Disabler is one of the popular applications to remove windows watermark permanently. 

    • First, download the application. Click the link to start the download process. https://winaero.com/downloads/uwd.zip
    • After completing the download, unzip the file and click to open the file on your device. 
    • Then you need to restart the device to solve the watermark problem. 


    Now we understand there were many ways to get rid of the activated windows watermark. We can only use the full version of windows features if we fix the issue. If you follow all the steps, you can remove the watermark problem easily. You can follow the steps to get solutions for both Windows 10 & 11 operating systems.

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