What is Vibe Profile? How to Remove Vibe Profile from MAC

What is Vibe Profile How to Remove Vibe Profile

What is Vibe profile? 

Vibe profile is an unwanted program that is harmful to browsers. This dangerous virus is often speared by some potential methods like software bundling and spam messaging to the most usable browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. 

This problem happens when internet users search on a browser and automatically redirect third-party websites, spam and promotional links, ads, and pop-ups that are earned revenue on PPC(pay-per-click) basis. Who creates the apps advertise as free promotion, but in the meantime, Vibe Profile attracts your browser and hijacks the data and changes the program on your device without asking for approval. 

Vibe Profile for Mac

In addition, Vibe Profile for Mac can change your search results by installing a new search engine or a toolbar that loads supported content. 

When you start your browser, the Vibe profile for Mac sets a new homepage URL link that quickly opens a predefined website. Moreover, this virus can change your search results and create a new search engine toolbar to drive sponsored content. 

The programs can hamper your daily browsing experience and don’t provide usefulness; not also recommended to change the browser. So the best suggestion is to remove the Vibe Profile and uninstall its sister’s apps and programs as soon as possible. 

How does look a Vibe Profile? 

First, if you think Vibe Profile is not like malware, has no harmful code, and is not the same as other ransomware, virus, and spyware. Vibe Profile hijacks your browser and misguides and destroys the browser’s day-to-day functionality.

So removing the vibe profile as fast as possible from your browser is better. Otherwise, you can’t understand the reliability of the pop-ups, random links, banners, and offers shown on your browsing screen. It’s not worth taking the risk of accidentally clicking on something confusing and dangerous while streaming ads.

The VibeProfile app 

Though the Vibe profile is not malicious, the best practice is to remove the app from your affected device system. Cause the application can hamper your desktop browsing system. 

You can follow two best methods to uninstall vibe profile from your device safely:

First Method: In the first method, the user can easily remove the Vibe Profile using a professional tool. If you can scan the full system to detect and destroy the vibe profile, it is the easiest way. Whenever you don’t find any apps or programs you are using a deal with, you can use a trusted tool to remove the Vibe profile that is specialized in identifying and deleting. 

Second Method: Alternatively, in the second method, you require computer skills to delete many vibe profiles. In the following content, you will get a step-by-step removal guide. Make sure you have the basic experience and knowledge because it was a risk of removing some files.

How To Remove Vibe Profile from Mac

If you want quickly remove the vibe profile from your mack device, now follow the steps:

  1. You will need open the Safari browser from Mac. Click on the Menu, then Preferences.
  2. You can see the Extensions icon and open it.
  3. If you don’t find a vibe profile in the list, then search there.
  4. When you find the vibe profile click on the trash bin icon to delete it.

After following the process, if it fails to remove the Vibe Profile, you may follow the next steps:

Step 1:

Close your browser if it is open. Unfortunately, if this instruction doesn’t work, you need to click on the Apple menu and hit the force quite an option.

You can also press apple. Option and escape keyboard key together and open a dialog box to force quit applications. After completely closing the browser, follow the next step.

Step 2:

From the finding option, go to Applications and next Utilities and open the Activity Monitor. Examine each of the above processes in detail.

vibe profile

Select the process that means the process you believe is associated with the Vibe profile and responsible for the ads and redirects you are experiencing, then click the (i) button at the top of the screen; this information window will appear as follows:


Scroll down to the bottom of the information window and press the Sample button.

remove vibe profile 

Then automatically, you can see a new file will create. To check the danger by the virus scanner, run the file: 

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, up to 64 antivirus programs will scan each file.

Delete it and end the associated process if it has been flagged as a threat. Repeat this procedure for any processes that you believe to be connected to the browser hijacker.

Step 3

Once you’re certain, no hijacker-related processes are running in the Activity Monitor, hold down the Shift key while starting Safari. By doing this, the browser won’t load any pages upon launch. If any undesired pages continue to appear, you can force Safari to close.

To halt the connection and stop these pages from loading, you may switch off your Wi-Fi connection in your Mac’s Menu or manually unplug the internet cord from the machine. After that, launch Safari once more while holding down the Shift key. No sponsored pages ought to open this time.

Step 4

Delete Vibe Profile in Safari

Select Preferences from the drop-down Menu when the Safari browser is Shift-Launched by clicking the Safari Menu button.

what is vibe profile

Once you’ve done so, select the Extensions tab.

vibe profile is a virus

If you don’t recognize any extensions, remove them. 

Step 5

Then select Preferences once more from the Safari menu by going back there. Click the Privacy tab this time.

chrome vibe profile

Press “Remove Now” after selecting “Remove All Website Data.” Remember that you’ll need to input your passwords again for each website that requires authentication after you’ve done this. Then select the General tab.

vibe profile for mac

Change different URLs if you find the one you want to be your homepage. Choose Clear History from the History menu by selecting it from the main menu panel. By doing this, any traces of pages that Vibe Profile previously opened will be erased.

How to Remove Vibe Profile From Firefox in OSX:

Open Firefox, click the main menu icon in the top right corner, then choose Add-ons. Then select the Extensions tab from the list on the left.


Remove any extras you don’t require. Refresh your Firefox settings after that.

How to Remove Vibe Profile From Chrome in OSX:

Open Google Chrome, and select More Tools >>> Extensions by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. Select the Trash icon next to Vibe Profile in the list of extensions to get rid of it.

After that, select Settings and click the Search tab on the three dots icon. The Manage Search Engines option removes any search engines Vibe Profile has compelled you to use. Reset your Chrome settings using the guidance in the link once you’ve configured a search engine you can trust.


Lastly, see if Vibe Profile has vanished. If it’s still troubling you, the expert removal tool suggested on this page can assist you in getting rid of it. Scan your computer with it. If you want to scan certain files, you may also use our free online virus scanner. The easiest method to contact us if you have any issues with the instructions in this tutorial is to leave a comment below this post. Then someone from our team will get back to you.

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